10 Best AngularJS Tutorials for Web Developers

AngularJS is a popular open source JavaScript framework developed by Google to create powerful and dynamic web applications. Since its release in 2009, it’s widely used by many web developers due to its convenient extending of custom HTML tags and attributes. The AngularJS is also become the first choice for building complex client-side applications.

AngularJS Tutorials

Due to its popularity, most of newbie wants to learn Angular. Although, there are detailed learning stuff available in official AngularJS documentation. But it’s not sufficient for all as most of prefer a video-based tutorial, or a more sophisticated learning site with specific discussions, a demo etc. So in this article, we have collected some of the best AngularJS tutorial and resources for you. If you really want to learn AngularJS, these tutorials will surely help you.


1. A Better Way to Learn AngularJS

This AngularJS tutorial is built with the intent of exposing you to the best available resources on each Angular topic. The tutorial is expended into 12 useful topics with each topic explained precisely.

AngularJS Tutorials

2. AngularJS Tutorial for Designers

This tutorial explains how AngularJS can help designers on writing an interaction website; with only very basic JavaScript knowledge is required.
AngularJS Tutorial for Designers

3. AngularJS – From Beginner to Expert in 7 Steps series

This is very useful tutorial for beginner who wants s to learn AngularJS. It is a 7 steps series that that topics from beginning to advance.

AngularJS Tutorials

4. AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000 Word Guide

This tutorial serves as an ultimate resource point to begin learning AngularJS, the concepts and APIs behind it and help you deliver fantastic web applications the modern way.

AngularJS Tutorials

5. Shaping up with AngularJS

It is a complete free interactive Angular course bundle from Code School. Here you can lean Angular.js by adding behaviour to your HTML and speeding up your application’s responsiveness.

AngularJS Tutorials

6. AngularJS for Absolute Beginners

This is awesome tutorials for beginners who want to learn AngularJS quickly. The tutorials provide easy steps to use Angular and have built an Angular app in around 20 lines of JavaScript code.

AngularJS Tutorials

7. CodeAcademy – AngularJS

This tutorial covers up AngularJS basics, controllers, services, filters and directives. In this tutorial, you can see challenges which can be solved within the editor. You can these by opening hints.

AngularJS Tutorials

8. Angular Material

The Angular Material project is an implementation of Material Design in Angular.js. This project provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on the Material Design system.

AngularJS Tutorials

9. AngularJS Lessons by Egghead

The Egghead has 190+ free AngularJS videos for learning Angular in a very easy way. These videos are very descriptive and range from 2 – 10 minutes only. The code, discussion and summary are available below the video.

AngularJS Tutorials

10. Learn AngularJS through Videos

If you prefer to learn AngularJS through videos, just checkout this Youtube video channel link that contains collection of amazing videos to learn AngularJS.

AngularJS Tutorials





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