The Geometric style fonts are a typeface of clean shapes that create a modern look and a sense of completeness in design. Due to their sleek design, they can fit in any clean minimalistic designs, and can be used specially for headings and body text. So in this article I have collected 10 beautiful geometric style fonts for you to use in your future design projects.


Geometria Typeface

Free Geometric Style Fonts

Geometria is a new geometric sans serif typeface. It consists of 16 fonts — eight weights with matching italics. The font includes multiple sets of figures and currency signs, alternate glyphs, a variety of experimental ligatures, and punctuation marks for the two cases. The 815 glyphs support 71 languages.

Rometric – Geometric Font

Free Geometric Style Fonts

This is an awesome Geometric Font influenced by Wellingtons City Gallery. The Rometric Sans follows modern design trends in order to let people know that the City Gallery is still current and relevant in todays modern world. The whole typeface has been designed based on Triangles and Circles, which can be seen within the neo classic style patterns found on the City Gallery.


Free Geometric Style Fonts

Biko is a geometric sans serif with a strong and yet friendly character. The font is perfect for display, copy text and logos.

Dense typeface

Free Geometric Style Fonts

DENSE is a versatile, elegant, geometric and compact sans-serif typeface designed by Charles Daoud.

Polar Vertex

Free Geometric Style Fonts

Polar Vertex is a new display typeface that inspires dreamers and free-thinkers. With a slightly nautical, celestial, and geometric design, it is quite diverse.


Free Geometric Style Fonts

This is beautiful geometric typeface by Leonardo Gubbioni.

Moderne Sans

Free Geometric Style Fonts

Moderne Sans is a clean sans-serif typeface free for you to download, created by Marius Kempken.


Free Geometric Style Fonts

SIMPLIFICA Typeface is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by an uniform and thin line width. Its high positioned capsheight and ascender favours legibility. A fine, simple and clear font.


Free Geometric Style Fonts

Jaapokki is free font by Mikko Nuuttila with 2 alternatives and large set of glyphs.


Free Geometric Style Fonts

Slot is beautiful free Font designed by Adrien Coquet & Hugo Dath. It is a rounded font with a semicircle pattern. Slot is totally free both for personal and commercial projects.




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