10+ Highly Recommended New jQuery Plugins

Now days, most of developers are working on open source code projects. The new open source plugins and frameworks are released almost every day. So it’s not easy to get updated with every latest release when you’re busy at work.

Today, in this showcase I have gathered over 10 different JQuery plugin to all web developers. As we know that developing a website interface can be tough sometimes which require a high degree of exactness and careful. Since jQuery is one of the most stable and used JavaScript libraries available, these listed plugins often work amazingly to provide a perfect user experience.



The Swipebox plugin is a mobile responsive jQuery image gallery. This is especially designed for mobile webapps and websites which are made responsive for smartphones and tablets. The image gallery will take up the entire screen, and you can even touch-to-swipe between other images in the slideshow.

swipebox jquery plugin

Color Swatches

As Swatches may not have a practical use in many website layouts, it is a wonderful jQuery plugin for playing with specific colors. This plugin will create a div area using a palette of related colors based on your input choice. Generating your own color scheme may be difficult and this is a unique open source tool for the job.

color swachtes jquery plugin


Toolbar allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars for use in web applications and websites. The toolbar is easily customisable using the twitter bootstrap icons and provides flexability around the toolbars display and number of icons.



MixItUp has a lot of different custom options and I would say this is closer to an intermediate jQuery plugin. You will need to understand a few concepts when customizing the default setup and adding this into your page. But it will allow quick sorting of elements within a set gallery like portfolio items, images, photographs, and so much more.


Huge On Facebook

Huge On Facebook is a great plugin which designed to highlight the links on our site that are actually generating conversation (on Facebook, at least) and boost them visually so that readers can easily find them — and, crucially, click on them. The plugin does work perfectly in all standards-compliant browsers, so for those who enjoy Facebook sharing this is for you! Huge On Facebook will take a URL and check the total number of FB shares. Then it will be displayed on the page as a social media sharing badge.


ScrollUp is a very popular plugins just for its ease of use and pre-built styles. Simply include the JS files into your webpage and setup the offset distance from the top. Then after a visitor scrolls beyond this limit a small fixed div will appear in the bottom corner. It is an excellent alternative to coding your own button from scratch.


Tooltipster is a amazing jQuery tooltip plugin which used in a few projects and it works just as described. Many of the options are so easy to implement, and this allows developers to customize their own tooltips with just a few CSS properties.

jQuery Stripe

The jQuery Stripe plugin offers a more functional image gallery. Each photo will only display as a small vertical sliver which you may click to show the whole image. There are also arrows on the right and left sides to change between views. I don’t think it is the best option but it can be an offbeat solution for atypical website layouts.


Superbox JQuery plugin works same as Google displays images results currently. This is how jQuery Superbox works using your own static images. Visitors have the ability to browse thumbnails and once they click, a new div will open up displaying the full image. I really like this plugin because the user experience mimics Google very closely. And since people are already familiar with Google it provides a seamless exchange of data without much confusion.

Audio Player: Responsive and Touch-Friendly

This responsive audio player is really a perfect example of jQuery at work. You simply include the plugin codes and create any typical HTML5 audio element. This will automatically be converted into a touch-friendly audio player with a extremly bright CSS3 user interface.


KGallery is another great jQuery image gallery plugin with slideshow features. It is a fairly simple plugin to setup and I would recommend testing the live demo to see how you feel about the implementation.