Newspaper Layout jQuery Plugin

The Columnizer is a fantastic responsive jQuery content plugin for a newspaper column layout, that automatically lays out website content into newspaper column format. It splits the website’s div content into as many columns possible, which will fit the user’s browser to look like a newspaper. If the browser is resized, columns will be adjusted automatically in a page.

The plugin adds CSS classes to the columns it creates. Each column will have a “column” classname. The first column will have “first” and last column will have “last”. This lets you target specific columns in your CSS markup more easily.

jQuery Content Plugin For Newspaper Layout


Demo Download


Note: Make sure that your content “has display”. If the content you’re columnizing has display:none, then the browser has difficulty estimating the size of some nodes, which makes columnizing impossible. instead of display:none, use visibility:hidden and keep display:block. then in the doneFunc() of columnizer, change the visibility and display to whatever your page or application needs.