Best WordPress Plugins to Start a Blog

There are thousands of wordpress plugins, both free and paid, which will help you build a thriving blog.  This article can’t possibly cover them all, so I’ve picked a few that I have found very helpful over the years.  If you would like any particular plugin considered for this list, then please add a comment at the bottom of this post and mention why you think the plugin should be added, we will consider adding it if the reason is good enough.  Keep in mind that this list is only for blogs and the plugin must be of a great help in some way for it to be considered for this list.

WP Super Cache


Possibly one of the most used WordPress plugins, this will help speed up your website by caching files so they can be used from the cache, instead of having to be downloaded over and over.  You will notice that you site speeds up quite a lot after installing it.  This plugin is so good that many hosts require it, when I hosted a site with Host Gator they required that I use it, so that the sites run faster and use less resources.  I highly recommend this to anyone considering to build a blog.


Anti-spam plugin


Do you love spam?  I don’t mean the canned stuff, I mean the stuff that fills your comment forms with comments like  “Great blog here’s my link”, or “I really love your blog and read it all, bla bla bla” and then they post a link to their porn site.  Well you probably will want to block spam, so install this plugin as it does the job great and all without using the dreaded captcha code.


Any User Twitter Feed


This is available in both free or pro versions, and the support is great, I know because I built it 🙂 There are also versions for Joomla! and Magento.  We built lots of great features into this plugin, it has lots of reviews and is currently running on thousands of websites worldwide.  You can add your twitter feed with a few simple steps, you can also show the tweets in a slider (pro version).  Lots of built in features and it’s great for promoting new products or services on your website.


I’ll be adding more to this list shortly, stay tuned 🙂