In the world of blogging, I think it is important to collaborate and share ideas with other bloggers. This can lead to new ideas, new friendships, and even a more successful blog. I have decided to create a post here on Omega Web where I will ask a few questions, answer them myself, and then turn it over to other bloggers in the comments.

Increasing Traffic to a Blog

1. What inspired you to become a blogger?

I first started blogging in July 2010 and I got my inspiration from popular blogs I read like Droid-Life, Engadget, TechnoBuffalo, and iMore (called TiPb at the time). I was inspired by these tech blogs to start my own Blogger-based site about smartphones, software, computers, and other general technology topics. I have since sold that blog because the niche was way too full and I wasn’t having any success.

2. How do you get most of your traffic?

According to my Google Analytics for the past 30 days, 64% of my traffic is coming from search engines. Of that search engine traffic, 98% is coming from Google, 0.76% from Bing, 0.38% from Yahoo, and the rest from other search engines like Babylon, Ask, and AOL.

Another way I get a lot of traffic is referrals, which accounts for 16% of my readers. Referrals are when a user clicks a link to your blog from an external site. 12% of my referrals are from Facebook, 6% from, 6% from (directory), 4% from Em Fast Income (CommentLuv links), and more from various other sources. I haven’t written a guest post in a while, but when I do write guest posts on popular blogs like Daily Blog Tips, it makes up for about 50% of my referral traffic.

3. How do you make money with your blog?

I make the majority of money on this blog with Google AdSense. I am also supporting a few affiliate programs, but I hardly have any revenue from any of the offers. I make about $25 a month on average with Google AdSense, which isn’t great, but my numbers are improving each month. When I first started blogging in 2010, I was making about $1 a month and it gradually increased over time. The placement of AdSense units is very important and for that I recommend a product called Cash Donator. This plugin will help you make more money from your blog by selectively placing AdSense or affiliate units inside your blog posts.

4. What software, plugin, or tool is most vital for your blog’s success?

In the case of this blog, I would have to say CommentLuv is the most important plugin that I use on this blog. After I upgraded to CommentLuv Premium, the amount of comments my posts were getting skyrocketed. I am getting on average 12 to 30 comments on every blog post I write. This is a good way to judge the popularity of your site and to get feedback from your readers. CommentLuv is great because it gives your readers an incentive to leave a reply.

5. What are some other tips you have for new bloggers?

If I were to start over, I would do a few things differently. First off, every good blog starts with a good domain. Research keywords, search for domains that are for sale by owner (I like GoDaddy Auctions for this), and research domain name extensions such as .co as well as .com, .org, and .net. If you start your blog out on a or, you are crushing all hopes of success. It might be your most expensive investment with your blog, but I would spend the extra money to get a good domain.

In addition to a domain name, you should get a premium WordPress theme, reliable web hosting (I recommend Host Gator), and plugins like CommentLuv. All in all, I would expect to invest about $300 in starting a brand new blog. If you decide to go the cheaper way out with shady web hosting, a domain with or, a free WordPress theme, and other freeware plugins, you are limiting the amount of success you will have.

It’s Over To You!

If you’re a blogger and want to add to what I had to say, answer a question yourself, or even answer all five, hit the comments below!


52 Responses to Increasing Traffic to a Blog

  • Wow! I will refer back to this when I begin my blog. Thank you for the information.

  • 1-The thing that pushed me into blogging was when I got into a serious mining accident that ended my career as a coal miner. Having no money, I turned to blogging because I knew there was money to be made online.

    2-I get most of my traffic through social media. Since I create popular blogs and resell them, it’s harder for me to get organic traffic since I don’t keep the blogs too long. I am a self-proclaimed expert at social media, having written a handful of e-books on the subject, the most recent one is now on my website for free. These show you strategies I implement to get thousands of social media visits per day.

    3-I started out making most of my money through affiliates. But when I learned that I could keep 100% of the profits selling my own stuff, I went primarily that direction. I still sell a few affiliate products too.

    4-CommentLuv is a great plugin, I’m not denying that. However, I think the best plugin for me to use is the Yoast SEO plugin. Since I believe that content should be your main priority, this helps a lot!

    5-The one tip I would give new bloggers is this. Stay consistent! Blogging is not the fastest road to millions, but if you can stay the course, it’s worth it. Set a schedule & stick with it!

    • Thanks for sharing this, Wade. Did it scare you to give up all of your stable income to start blogging? I know that would frighten me! Also, I agree with you about staying consistent and dedicated. Most bloggers give up in the first few months, but you will not truly be successful until 8-12 months after you start your blog.

    • Totally agree with point number 3 & 4.

      Many celebrity blogger actually doesn’t have the best content. They have product, which people should pay before getting access to, and just by having their own product, for some reason they’re being seen as a lot more knowledgeable in their topic.

      I know some blogger with great content, i mean, really-really great content, but they don’t have that much comments and readership simply because while their content is great, people don’t give it enough credit since it’s free.

      And WordPress SEO by Yoast is hands down the best SEO plugin!

      • I agree. This is the same thing with prices in stores. If something costs $30 and a similar product is $50, people will think the $50 is better just because it is more expensive.

  • Hey Ian, there are a couple of nice things on this post man.
    First, I’m excited that my blog sends you 4% of your traffic. That’s pay off for your beautiful and insightful comments. Man, I’m sure if you guestpost on it, you will get more. I’m sure your blog too sends traffic to my bog but that I’ll have to check when I get the required bandwidth to logon to Google Analytics.

    Thanks too for mentioning CashDonator. For about 1 month and a few weeks old blog, I can say I’m generating encouraging figures. All my ads are manage by CashDonator

    1- As PHP developer, I developed This being an interesting tool for bloggers got me closer to exciting bloggers. I got super nice feedbacks from users. As time went on, I found myself getting excited about blogging. I read so many blogs I can’t mention. I did blog commenting and came in contact with many good guys. This sprung a lot of interest in me and 1 day I decided to to set up my own blog.

    2 – My blog is new and does not get any big deal from search engines yet. But generally, a greater share of my traffic comes from referral clicks, then search engines and repeat visits. Your site and Wade’s blog are bringing me some traffic. I got some decent traffic from Basic Blog Tips after my guest post on the blog. Some good measure also coming in from Saad’s blog following my first guest post. Facebook and Twitter and the main sources of referral traffic.

    3 – I do have banners and adsense blocs on my blog all powered by CashDonator. I have written a couple of blog posts aimed at generating income and this is working. So generally, I have income from adsense, affiliate programs and sales of my own products – mainly CashDonator and ViralBird

    4 – CommentLuv premium, CashDonator, Viralbird and a couple of other plugins are very active on my blog. I look forward to Yoast SEO plugin

    5 – First, I encourage them to do what you said above. That’s important and like Wade said, they must be consistent and not hope for millions the following day. The millions are coming with hard work and consistency

    • I will be guest posting on your site soon, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have been very busy lately and hardly have time to maintain my own blogs. Thanks for sharing this info with my readers… Because your blog is so new, you still might have the Google Sandbox effect. This normally goes away after 3-4 months of dedicated blogging and good content.

  • Ian you certainly made some good points here for anyone who is blogging in any niche market.

    18 months ago I started blogging to find more leads for my network marketing business.

    Having never been online before it has been a challenge but Fun. I do agree that you need to be patient and consistent.

    Lately I have put more of an effort behind social media. 55% of my traffic comes from referrals.

    IMO, no blog should be without CommentLUV premium.

    Enjoyed reading your post today!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

    • I agree with you about CommentLuv Premium. I also have an aquarium blog ( which I’m sure you have seen before. Whenever I try to find other aquarium sites to comment on, none of them have a subscribe to comments feature, CommentLuv, or anything, so it’s basically a one-way communication.

  • To begin with, same here. I think most of the bloggers make almost similar mistakes in the early stage of blogging and i guess if we have not made those mistakes, we won’t have learned what we know today. Making mistakes and learning from them is the core of any career path. Now we know what to do and what not to do, so if i have to start a blog today, i know i can do it much better.

    thanks for bringing this up.

  • This is a great post and exactly what I was searching for. dofollow comments are harder and harder to find these days…! Thanks for the info as well as the info about daily blog tips.

  • Great article, thanks for sharing! I use a site called to get thousands of real FB fans to my content to help jumpstart the social buzz, they have an amazing service,and free too.make sure you are regular

  • Well i still consider burning passion and desires as one of the may action steps to actually drive traffic and make money of website online.

    And what actually works for mr. A may be invalid for mr. B

    • That’s absolutely true. With passion and desire, you’ve got the foundation, but you don’t have what you need to DRIVE traffic. What you have with passion and desire is a reason not to quit.

  • Are people still getting good revenue through Google Adsense nowadays? I have some blogs that are setup with Adsense for content but not getting good revenue from them.

  • Blog is great but $25 a month doesnt seem a great return for the effort ?!?

  • Frankly Speaking CPA (Cost per Action) is new grooming model I am focusing on. There is too much diversity and too many choices in it.

  • Who knows if certain types of site host like namecheap,gvo,hostgator affect blog traffic from search engines.
    I just started a new blog and it is about 2 months old but yet,i have not seen a significant rise in the level of traffic from search engines.
    I hosted the site( with namecheap that uses shared hosting. I do not know if this could be the cause of the reduced traffic from search engines?
    Can someone help me with this please?

    • I just took a look at your blog. It is fairly new, so it won’t appear in Google results until after 4 months or so have passed. Even then, you have to be registered on Google Webmaster Tools, have proper SEO, have an indexable page, have Google XML sitemaps set up, etc to have your site properly indexed. You’re on the right track, it just takes some time.

      Another thing you will want to look at is your blog’s design. I found elements very cluttered (such as the logo – the text didn’t fit inside the orange image) and there was a lot going on. I would suggest spending some time cleaning that up a bit.

  • Hi omega web,
    thanks for taking your time to examine my blog and also to recommend what needs to be done to make it better.
    So in effect,hosts like namecheap,hostgator or others do not have anything to do with blog traffic even if they operate on shared hosting?

    • No, it shouldn’t have any effect on traffic. However, when you start getting 1,000 visitors or so every day, you will want to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting because your website will become very slow.

  • Ok. Thank you very much for your time with me.
    Sincerely,it has been nice learning from you. I will do as you have said once my traffic increases. Do you have any other suggestions or articles from your site that i can read in order to improve the quality of my site as a new blogger?

  • I’m about to start a personal blog strictly for profit. I’ve learned so much and I will try to avoid this mistakes..

  • Anyone who wants to blog has to have certain level of passion in the niche they are in. It is always the interesting content that you show that shows others how much they can gain through your blog.

  • If social media can be used to improve your social media relevance it can also hamper your success by damaging your reputation! Whatever the cause, we are always doing customer service no matter what platform or social media site we use, thus we should always strive to earn positive feedback.

  • I’m trying to get my Blog up and running before I start traveling and you have some great information on growing traffic. I’m defiantly going to look in to getting CommentLuv, what are the benefits of the paid version?

  • Hi there. I just love your post. It is an awesome post for bloggers. I always wants to make money online and here is my answers. Thanks for sharing it.

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  • The thing that inspired me as a blogger is I wanted to teach and help people about blog and how you can generate income with it and more.

    Blog Training

  • great blog , really appreciable , every new blogger must have to read this blog for convenience.
    business communication skills

  • Love it. Comment luv and having a good name can take out a lot of headache. Thanks for the tips.

  • This is a great post and exactly what I was searching for. do follow comments are harder and harder to find these days…

  • It’s a unique website here, very informative. I have enjoyed what I have read. You apparently have passion for what you do. Great job!

  • Hey Ian, I was reading this post with great care and I have founded the Cash Donator dead. Would you please like to replace it with an active link?

    -Floyd from Dallas SEO Team

  • I think SEO is the best choice to generate lot of targeted traffic, but we need lot of time to do this.

    Thanks, very nice topic to share.

  • Thanks for your SEO and general website tips.

    I found recently that a simple thing like the size of my advertisement had been costing me relatively a lot of money. It was simply because I had put design before earnings. The earnings were directly related to the CTR and CPC. The CTR was low – only 0.6% – simply because I didn’t wanted to trouble users to my website, despite adsense being my primary source of revenue.

    Now that I have increased the size of one ad unit in the sidebar from a 238 * 60 to a 325 * 250 ( I don’t remember the exact dimension), I have seen the CTR increase to 1.5% and the CPC increase as well (due to their being more advertiser competition in the larger format). So, I will probably double my earnings from this one website just because of this simple change.

    Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Good article. I definitely appreciate this site.

    Keep writing!

  • Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.Is
    it hard tto set up your oown blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
    I’m thinking about setting uup my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points
    or suggestions? Thank you

  • Thank you for this article. Very helpful indeed especially for the beginners like me. Thank you. Keep it up.

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