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Google RankBrain and SEO in 2016

Google RankBrain and SEO in 2016

Optimize your website in 2016 by having quality content and building links from high authority websites – these are 2 of the 200+ factors Google looks at!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and has the aim of putting a website in the first position with Google.  It’s like a strange race, as everyone wants to be first for their own keywords and people approach it in many different ways.


Google’s Andrey Lipattsev announced in March 2016 that on-page content and link building are joint first in importance in Google’s algorithm, with RankBrain (their artificial intelligence algorithm) third.  This means that for a website to reach Google’s first page of results, it needs to:

  • Have great on-page content with good quality text.
  • Have high-quality links coming into the site from high authority websites.
  • Include the judicious use of keywords and fulfill other criteria that the RankBrain algorithm looks at.

There are at least 200 major Google ranking factors, see www.indigoextra.com/200-website-ranking-factors-google-seo, with some saying that there are actually over 10,000 factors in total, so how can you optimize a website for all these multitudes of different factors?

As Google evolves and particularly with the introduction of the RankBrain algorithm, optimizing a website for search engines has become closer and closer to optimizing it for human beings, with a few important differences.

Some factors Google look at are quality and length of content, the amount of time visitors spend on a page, whether visitors quickly click back, then click a different result in their search engine, does the number of visitors increase over time, does the page include at least one image, etc.

To optimize for these on-page aspects, it’s essential to write content that is well researched, a decent length and offers something unique to the people reading it.  Don’t just think of reaching a certain word count, but be sure that you, or your SEO company, write content that actually engages the reader, that you yourself would enjoy reading and that includes something original.  The unique text is a given, but unique content, with unique ideas presented in an original way, is what’s needed to grab your readers’ attention.

Similarly, with link building, the links that will give you the most benefit are the links that will also drive the most traffic to your website.  A link from an original article in the form of a guest blog on a high authority site will drive a lot more traffic to your site than a link from an obscure social media portal no-one uses, whereas links from Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms that everyone has heard of and which will carry more weight.

It helps if some of the links include the anchor text that you want to rank high for, however, it’s important that the links are natural enough, therefore don’t be tempted to use keywords in every single anchor text – a healthy mixture of keywords, the URL, and phrases like ‘click here’ works best.

Finally, those other 200 or 10,000 factors we mentioned!  Google RankBrain’s job is to sort through all the different factors and decide which ones are truly important, test them out and constantly refine them (over 500 times a year).  They include things like having a responsive web design, so your site looks good on any device, ensuring that your page speed loads reasonably fast, making good use of meta tags and ALT tags and including illustrations or photos on your site.

If you focus on quality content and quality links, then you’re 2/3 of the way there and a well-designed website and guidance from an SEO expert will help you win the SEO race.

Are Stereotypical WP themes snatching innovation from web designs?

Are Stereotypical WP themes snatching innovation from web designs?

Banner-Image-300x200If you search for the rising demand of WordPress Themes, you can never stop saying “Wow.” Today, the web is overcrowded with the myriad of eye-catching and feature-rich themes. As WordPress is widely growing as a collaborative community, more WordPress Themes shops are opened.

The best part is of using WordPress themes are that one does not have to start development completely from scratch. One can use countless, ready-made themes to provide the basic design and functionality for your site. There is a pool of high-quality specialist themes around the internet, and the vast majority of them offer themes that are competitively priced. You will be surprised to see the thriving growth of these companies. i-Themes, one amongst these companies is making more than a million dollars a year. Woo-themes, which was recently acquired by Automatic, has been registered with the profit of $10 million per year. Envato is also not lagging behind. Thus, it is easy to analyze that the WordPress themes market is burgeoning and kicking.

Top reasons why WordPress Themes are Recommended

In earlier days, the web designers and developers feel pride when they completed a project and delivered it their clients. They strongly feel that a job is well done when it started from scratch and deliver successfully. But the ideal solution is only when you deliver exactly what the client wants. This route is time-consuming and prices you out of most website design budgets.

1. Best suits according to Clients Requirement

Client-Satisfaction-300x200It is one of the biggest challenges for a web developer i.e. to understand and develop exactly what the client is admiring. It is often misinterpreted and thus leads to clients dissatisfaction. In this situation, ready-made themes can be a blessing for you. Once you discuss the requirement, you can search for a similar theme and proceed further. Almost every theme has working demos, with which you can give an idea to your client, what they will be getting out of it.

Engaging in the choice of your clients result; make the clients feel special. As a web designer is it your job to nudge them in the right direction.

2. Themes are stylish yet professional


Themes-are-stylish-300x242It is critical for companies to make a website, but it prevents the developer to reinvent the whole cycle. Many beautiful and aesthetic websites have been created with the pre-existing templates. Since WordPress is an open source, it offers to download the theme easily or purchase the premium version like Themeforest.net. These themes are prevented from the risk of misalignment of content because they are customizable and independent. One can change the themes any time during the designing process without bothering about the content and functionality.

3. Turn sites fast around

It is quite obvious that when you create a website from scratch, you will feel more satisfied and better achieved. Since you prepare it from a theme, it will be less time-consuming, and hence, it will allow you to reduce your rates and fetch more profit on each project.

4. Eliminates the need for HTML Editing & FTP Software Requirement

WordPress does not offer the user to use HTML editing software. It allows you to use the themes, create web and blog pages, change content, upload and edit images without the additional requirement of HTML or FTP software.

5. Additional advantages of Plugins


There very few platforms which support plugin features and functionality. However, many designers admit that WordPress is the only platform which offers a smooth implementation of plugins. It allows you to add a shopping cart, blogs, forums, photo galleries amongst various other features.

These plugins helps to integrate with social media; they contribute to a podcast, let you customize your site, etc. all with the click of a button.

6. Better Accessibility

Better-Accessiblity-300x225A ready made premium theme may make it seem easy to create a great looking web design, especially for inexperienced web designers. They help you to match color and tones, adequate typography and fonts.

WordPress themes provide to make amendments and elements from any computer at any place in the world that provides you access to the internet and a browser. Moreover, there are neither any any firewall settings or additional software requirements that could impede your progress.

7. Positive Impact on Sales

The WordPress themes offer a great impact on sales. If you have got the experience to develop a theme from scratch then why can we not develop a next theme with the intention of selling? You can then make it available in your online shop or sell it on one of the many marketplaces possible. Great themes of WordPress offers a huge potential for great passive income.

Begin with small steps, and emphasize with small improvements on the theme. Once you get a WordPress theme you would be willing to pay for, start selling it.

8. Give your clients value

give-value-get-value-300x118After the completion of your website, you can offer plenty of value to your clients.
(a) You can offer your client hosting of their websites. Clients usually want to know that the domain and hosting are renewed on time. General maintenance and update are great services for them.

(b) Many times small business holders cannot update their blogs or social media content regularly. With the great themes, one can manage social streams or blogging content.

(c) You can also support greatly with Search Engine Optimization techniques. There’s plenty of work that is required if you plan to implement white-hat SEO techniques. It is quite difficult sometimes when clients are not aware of it much.

9. Easy to Learn

WordPress themes and tools are very easy to learn. Similar to MS Word, you can learn to operate, edit and post using WordPress. Unlike other web design and development software like Dreamweaver and FrontPage, you don’t need to plow through stacks and stacks of tutorials.

10. 100% Customizable

customize-wp-themes-300x124All WordPress themes are 100% customizable to meet your business requirements. Let’s suppose you get attracted by a design functions and aesthetics of a template, and you want to customize and personalize the colors with your brand image to make it consistent. You can do it easily with WordPress. You can do well by Feature Filter option. It filters your search to colors, layout type, features, and subject theme.

Wrapping up!

Many local and international institutions, businesses, like New York Times, People, Flickr are using WordPress today. It is a feasible option to empower your brand and your online presence. It offers a huge number of robust theme and is discovered that the plugins marketplace is booming.

Installing SUPEE-7405 Security Patch to Magento

Installing SUPEE-7405 Security Patch to Magento

With the continuously growing number of hacking attempts on eCommerce sites, finding vulnerabilities in your website to make it secure has become more important than ever. Given the fact hackers launch attacks on sites running on popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento (and others), you must take precautionary measures to avoid becoming a victim of such attacks.

Installing SUPEE-7405 Security Patch to Magento

Thankfully, Magento releases security patches to make a store protected against vulnerabilities detected in the system. So, if you’re running a Magento store, it is a good practice to update the store as soon as possible. Or else, you might suffer massive data loss. Besides, it is needless to say the damage a hacked site can cause to your reputation among visitors (and customers).

Magento rolled out two new security patches named SUPEE-7405 and SUPEE 7616 this year. But, sadly 80 percent of Magento stores still haven’t applied the patches. So, if you’ve discovered any security breach in your e-store make sure to install the latest available patches that could help improve the security of your Magento store. But in case you’re having difficulty in implementing the security patches, it would be better to take assistance of a reputed Magento e-commerce development company.

In this post, we’ve covered the installation procedure for the latest SUPEE-7405 security patch on your Magento store version 1.x. But, let’s have a brief overview of the patch first.

Introduction to SUPEE 7405

SUPEE 7405 security patch was released on January 20, 2016, and provide fixes for vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), etc. These vulnerabilities can steal your critical customer information or gain access to administrator sessions. This security patch has been made available for Magento versions till, and till

Installation of SUPEE-7405 Security Patch

When it comes to installing the SUPEE-7405 security patch, you can accomplish the task with or without SSH. In this part, we’ll be discussing both these ways to install the patch in question.

Installing SUPEE-7405 With SSH

In case you have SSH access to your server, then begin installing SUPEE-7405 with SSH. Below are the steps you need to follow to perform the installation:

Step 1 – You can download the SUPEE-7405 patch from Downloads page:


Or else, simply install the patch just like any regular Magento upgrade by making use of Downloader (which comes added with Magento version).

NOTE: Before installing SUPEE-7405 patch make sure to install all other previous patches to keep your site secure from previous patches identified in Magento version.

Step 2 – Prior to the installation process, you must disable Magento Compiler from your system. To do so, go to System → Configuration → Tools → Magento Compiler. Once you’ve opened up the compiler makes sure to clear the compiled cache.

Step 3 – Next, you must verify the Magento version on which your store is running. You can easily check your store version by looking at the following code saved in Magento Mage.php file:

$ grep -A6 ‘static function getVersionInfo’ app/Mage.php

public static function getVersionInfo()


return array(

‘major’ => ‘1’,

‘minor’ => ‘9’,

‘revision’ => ‘2’,

‘patch’ => ‘2’,


The code determines that the version of your Magento store is

Step 4 – Upload the patch file into the root directory of your Magento install, and then execute it using the below given command:

sh patch_file_name.sh

In the above command, the filename could be something like:


Once, you run the above command a message will be displayed as following confirming whether the patch was installed successfully:

Patch was applied/reverted successfully

Step 5 – Lastly, you just need to verify whether your Magento store is functioning correctly or not. Also, you’ll have to flush the PHP opcode caches (like APC/XCache/eAccelerator). Keep in mind to flush the cache after applying the patch (or when you restart your web server).

Installing SUPEE-7405 Without SSH

Of course, applying a patch will become easy in case you have SSH access. But what if you don’t have such access? In that case, follow the below listed steps to install the SUPEE-7405 patch without SSH:

NOTE: Before you begin the installation process ascertain to upgrade your Magento store version to

Step 1 – First off, make sure to install all the previous patches prior to installing the new one. Simply put, ensure to install the security patches SUPEE-1533, SUPEE-5344, and SUPEE-5994, to name a few.

Step 2 – Next, you’ll need to disable the Magento Compiler from your system. This requires you to navigate to System → Configuration → Tools → Magento Compiler from your admin panel.

Step 3 – Now, you must download all of the already patched files available in Github repo (or the ones mentioned in the below table). And then, upload those files in your Magento root directory.

Magento version














NOTE: Make sure to keep a backup of all the files that you are replacing.

Step 4 – Empty your cache. Also, flush the PHP opcode caches like APC/XCache/eAccelerator after patching. And at last, test the functionality of your Magento store.


Are you a Magento store owner and concerned about hardening your website security? Well, then you must update your version according to latest security patches as they come with fixes to deal with vulnerabilities detected in Magento versions. This post will guide you the process of installing the latest SUPEE-7405 security patch for Magento version 1.x.

Web Designing Buzzwords that can’t be missed

Web Designing Buzzwords that can’t be missed

What is Design? It is nothing but an act of creating order out of chaos. Everyone is now hopping on the design bandwagon, new design systems, its thinking, designing business model or design ideation. Companies like Apple, Netflix, Facebook are all revolving around “Designing.” And with the development comes the realization that traditional approaches to problem-solving are no longer enough.

In several respects, asking about designing is like asking the fish where is the water. Every physical product and the hypothetical organization has a design. But probably, all those schools of design and designing businesses even the Magento Developer believes that they are adding value over and above what has been. For many people, design as a process is nothing new. They have been doing this ever.

Since the design is a living principle, the words we use to describe also adapt and develop. Here are some words described which are latest for every designer to know.

Web Designing Buzzwords that can't be missed

1. Design thinking

A design thinking is a creative process that helps to design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community. It brings together many different elements of an overall process.

There are five steps involved in design thinking:

a. Empathize – working to understand your customer fully through observation and interviews

b. Define – synthesizing findings from the previous step to form a “user point of view.”

c. Ideate – structured brainstorming of possible solutions

d. Prototype – giving a physical, digital, or diagram form to selected ideas

e. Test – putting prototypes into practice to see if they meet the user needs to be identified at the beginning

2. Deep empathy ‏

Humans are not purely objective and unbiased. We need emotion to uncover insights. The idea behind deep empathy is to encourage design which can be used to engage with a customer and connect them on a meaningful level. I know, it is not a new thing, but using is simply lead to an approach where design is engineered to appeal to more than purely a visual level.

The techniques of emphatic design start with the gathering, analyzing, and applying information discovered from observation. Emphatic design is a low-cost, low-risk way to identify potentially critical customer needs. It’s a major source of new product ideas and has the potential to redirect a company’s technological capabilities toward entirely new businesses.

3. Localization

‏Localization is the process of adapting designing trend to satisfy the particular demands of a given territory. As designers, we need to be aware of the differences in localization when introducing a new feature or improving an existing one. Sometimes designing a button can pose a challenge. Often many languages are more talkative than others, meaning your design must account for text expansion and contraction in translated languages.

4. Brand Storytelling

Emotions are better glitter by words and transport people into a different mindset. Stories are what make people decide if they like you and if you understand their needs. Brand storytelling can’t be done with visuals alone. A great designing only makes it happen. This is a traditional concept, in fact, it is considered one of the best marketing technique in the world.

5. Authenticity

It simply refers to the concept of representing ideas, products or services via a possible, grounded and relevant approach. All design, by its nature, are an exercise in persuasion. Authenticity is referred to as the hallmark of the brand platform.

For design to be authentic, it needs to reflect the values, ideas, and aesthetic of the underlying perception accurately. This sounds simple but is a valuable as it requires significant effort to get it right done.

6. Context transparency ‏

Context transparency ‏means part of the underlying design remains apparent into the original design elements. The transparent context allows both fluid interaction and active manipulation. It is neither natural nor invisible; it exists but is not entirely distinct. Transparency gives movement, flexibility, and adaptation to different modes of interaction, which is necessary for modern systems designing.

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Author Bio :

Claudia Jhonson is a web developer at Magentax Ltd. an offshore Magento development company that has been remarkable in delivering high-quality Magento Ecommerce development service. You can go through her articles which are based on tips and tricks for handling Magento development projects.