A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a program called Ultimatum and wrote a review about it on Omega Web. I decided to share my review on the Ultimatum Members Forums and ask other members to share their review of the product too. This brings people into the thread, sends them to my review, and then they reply to my post on the forum… Within three hours of sharing my review, one of the lead developers of Ultimatum shared the post on his Twitter page, which will also help bring viewers to Omega Web. Continue reading

Besides the fact that it is 2012 and the world is moving to mobile, there are still some pretty legitimate reasons to ditch your landline telephone. Many people still hold onto their landline phone service because they don’t have cell phone service, need it for “emergencies”, or simply like talking on a landline phone… Well I’m here to tell you why they are a waste of money. Continue reading

If you have read up on the laws of the Internet and copyright, you will know that to have a proper, law-abiding website, you must obtain permission before using any image. As any blogger knows, this is almost impossible because the owner may never answer your email, readers need images to look at, and half of the time nobody even knows who the image actually “belongs” to. Continue reading

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