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Open source bring a revolution in web development. There are a plenty of new open source projects and libraries available on web. In this article I would like to focus popular open source libraries for front-end development. Yes, I am going to discuss popular JavaScript libraries which are rich in functionalities and also free to use. I know you might know some of these libraries, but you probably don’t know all of them. But I hope that this overview will help you find some tools that you could use in your next projects. These libraries surely provide your project with smooth effects and interactivity

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jQuery slider plugins has successfully replaced flash animation. With its light-weight, easily customized and unlimited options, has become the new standard for displaying animation on the web. These plugins are very easy to integrate and have its importance to show image and content sliders. Here in this article I have round up few responsive jQuery slider plugins with amazing and impressive effects.

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If you want to implement cool effect with animation in your website, then don’t worry about heavy flash animation. With CSS3, you can make light weight cool effect with animation. CSS3 which supports different transition, 3D transforms, it opens out so much possibilities. Also with the help of JavaScript, you can do much more.

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