Common Trends in Modern Web Design

Web design trends change very quickly, due to the fast moving nature of technology. The various software, programming languages and skills sets involved in running a web design company or working for someone else, tend to change over the years dramatically. But there are still some skills and methods that remain the same. In this article I am going to analyse the more common trends in modern web design and provide some examples.

1. Responsive Website Layouts

Responsive Website Layouts

Responsive design is now, not only common, but expected in a new website design. With the increase of mobile users growing each year, it is now an important part of web design. The basic idea of responsive design is to support all devices from laptops, desktops, Smart phone’s, tablets, and anything released in the future.  It accomplishes this amazing task, by allowing the elements on the page to adjust to the screen size of the browser.  In most cased, the text will get larger and the images will adjust to fill the screen.  This allows easy reading on an iPhone or small mobile device.  It is also very important from and SEO and online marketing point of view.  Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile friendly, so not having a mobile version of your website is now bad for business.  If you need to make your site mobile friendly get a quote here Responsive Web Design.

2. Vintage Typography

Vintage Typography

Right now, Big, bold retro-style type is a very popular style in a minimalist design scheme. It works well for projects, which are lacking strong visuals, or in combination with sharp images by creating interest with lettering.  This style never seems to get old. Designers can play with vintage type and very little color and or images or a handful of muted colors and still create a compelling design.

3. Vibrant Color

Vibrant Color

Color always plays a vital role in web deign. Use of vibrant colors seems to be in at the moment. Most designers are using super bright, vibrant, saturated color palettes for web design and apps. Instead of selecting two or three colors to build upon, designers are creating broad color palettes with upwards of five colors. These palettes use lots of bright color throughout the design. These palettes also focus on tints of a single, vibrant color.

4. Flat Icons

In web designing, icons are one of the most popular choices because of their flexibility. Flat icons which count on top web design trend, becomes a first choice of most of designers to it in some way in their design. Designer can use flat elements in combination with some other less flat elements in the overall site design, something that is becoming more and more common as flat design extends to almost flat design. With the flat icons, flat buttons are also getting popular for designers looking to incorporate a touch of the trend to their projects.

5. Circles

Circles re-enter in real web design trends. Currently designers are started playing with rounded shapes circles to build buttons and other user interface elements. They are designed in a way to look like something you are supposed to touch, imitating the action of pushing a button. This design works great for mobile and application design where users are expected to touch, or tap, elements to make something happen. The effect is also spilling over to full-size, desktop driven websites as well.

6. Mobile Navigation Toggle

Mobile navigation toggle menus are also seems to be sticking in web design trend with the popularity of Mobile apps. As with the demand of responsive design, it becomes a challenge to build a solid navigation that give direct access to your readers to all your important links by keeping your responsive navigation hidden away until it’s needed. Currently many top ranked websites adopted this trend for their own responsive layouts. Most creative toggle navigation which liked by many is to design menus in so many various forms. You can have links drop down from the top, or slide down, or push content over from the left or right side. The designers have so many options to play with and there is plenty of time for UI experiments with their designs.

7. Responsive Sliders

Sliders are also sticking with modern web design trend. It becomes an essentials part of web design because sliders provides rich interface when displaying photography or a portfolio. Most sliders work on an auto scroll that users can stop or pause and feature a large display image and smaller images or buttons that advance through images. Sliders work with a variety of other design styles – the featured style here has three versions which can work for flat projects. This tool is a simple and effective way to showcase a lot of work, while maintaining visual elements.

8. Simple Gradients

The simple gradient has its upper hand in web design. With its super-subtle effect, it becomes major trend in web design. This effect works for backgrounds, buttons, icons and a variety of other elements. Simple gradients often are non-obtrusive and can be a nice way to create depth.

9. Large Photo Backgrounds

Big photo backgrounds design praised all around that’s why it becomes an established trend in web design. It’s an excellent way to capture your visitor’s attention and it can look great when done properly. I am often fond of big photographs since they can be pleasing on the eyes. When blended into your layout, this design technique can give your website a major edge in marketing.

10. Single-Page Web Design

Single page design is also getting popular as it becomes a trend to handle layout with content split up by horizontal containers. In this design, you can scroll down the page, the navigation bar actually stays fixed at the top of your window. Incorporating other popular design trends into a single-page layout is one solution for drawing attention from visitors and making one captivating website design.

Final Thoughts

Wed designing is one of the most challenging tasks which needs true creativity to design full responsive websites layouts, to match navigations and content styles. The above trends are aim to point designers in the right direction. Hope you may consider some of these ideas and think about how they do affect modern day websites. Watching current trends is a great source of inspiration. You are also aware of other emerging trends, so feel free to share your ideas about emerging web design trends. Thanks!


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