Design an Audio Video Podcast In WordPress

So you want to create the perfect podcast set-up? Then you must be searching for the perfect podcast setup method right? In this article I will be demonstrating the best practices to setup a podcast, utilizing your WordPress account.

Design an Audio Video Podcast In WordPress

How do Podcasts Work?

A podcast comprises of an arrangement of sound records that clients can subscribe to and download to tune in. It’s very similar to WordPress RSS feeds, which encourage users to subscribe to blog entries by means of accessing RSS channels, which makes it less demanding for users to subscribe to your podcast utilizing RSS membership applications on their devices. You will find specific apparatuses to listen and subscribe to the podcast, and the most well known podcast among them is iTunes.

So, by presenting the podcast to the iTunes podcast catalog, one can easily get in touch with their clients around the globe in a few seconds. Your clients can easily subscribe to your podcast by accessing them on their respective devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPad, and other Mac devices.

Your podcast can easily be accessible to clients on most of their gadgets, including Android and Windows devices. They can subscribe by downloading a podcast application on their respective device, as well as on their desktops.

Setup Podcasting Site

Before you begin with the setting up process of your Podcast, there are a couple of things that you ought to remember to avoid any technical glitches, which can sometimes occur:

To start with the set-up process of podcast, you should give your podcasting web page a decent appearance.  If you’re a beginner, then I definitely recommend [thirstylink linkid=”6386″ linktext=”BlueHost ” class=”thirstylink” title=”BlueHost “]for your website hosting provider. Your podcasts are going to be large, static media documents and require a vast amount of server space from the web host, which will devour a great deal of server assets. For the best customer experience, I recommend you use Blubrry.

Here are few reasons  why you should use Blubrry?


Blubrry is specially designed for podcasts, which utilize WordPress. It provides a module known as the Blubrry PowerPress tool, which makes it simple to distribute and work with your podcast, from your WordPress website. It accompanies an expansive client group, which comprises of numerous podcasts.

Blubrry includes stunning features, such as ID3 labeling, iTunes advancement, programmed media work of art administration, and so on. They have a top-level substance conveyance methodologies that makes your substance conveyance faster and more reliable.

The Equipment

As your podcast is developed, you will find new devices, which you can use to create higher quality podcasts. But the most critical instrument you need is a decent receiver.

Here are three well known mic devices for advanced podcasts:

Here are three well known mic devices for advanced podcasts:

  • Samson C01U (USB Compatible) – Entry level Microphone

  • Rode Podcaster (USB Compatible) – Best USB mic to utilize for recordings purposes

  • Heil PR-40 – This is for the podcast Pro’s


Recording Your Podcast

To record your podcast you will require a sound recording process. The best podcast recording application that is utilized by most podcasts is Audacity. It’s free, cross-staged, and open source programming that is recording studio-quality for expert podcasts.

The are many great features, you can record your voice, import music and documents from File » Import and set them as ambient sounds.

When you have recorded your podcast it is necessary to test it, to ensure its functioning properly. Most podcasts test their sound documents in MP3 mode, for better quality during the recording process.

Distributing Your Podcast

First you have to enable the Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting module, it is provided by the same people who are running the Blubrry podcasting group and includes lots of features. Once activatged, you will see a PowerPress menu option in the WordPress administrator menu. Clicking on it will take you to module’s settings page. In the event that you are utilizing Blubrry to have access to your podcasting records , then you have to tap on the button to arrange Blubrry insights.

After that you have to configure the setting’s page. Give your podcast a title and fill in iTunes fields. These iTunes fields can be used for portrayal, class, subtitle, fine art, and so on as a part of your podcast’s RSS channel.

Transfer Media Files to Blubrry

Now transfer your podcast record to Blubrry. Sign into your Blubrry record section and then tap on the Content section » Media Files. On the following screen you have to tap on the ‘Transfer New Media’ catch. This will show a popup where you can transfer your podcast media record. When you are done you can close the Uploader.

Including Your First Podcast

To distribute your first podcast, you have to go to the “Post” section » Add New. Give your first podcast post a title and include some depiction in the alter range.

Seeing Your Podcast in iTunes

Since you have set up your podcast site with WordPress, now it’s time to submit it to iTunes. Before submitting it to iTunes, you need to check how your podcast is responding, when it is uploaded to iTunes. You can do this by opening iTunes and selecting the option “File » Subscribe to Podcast” and then enter your URL. If everything  looks good, this means you are ready to send your podcast to iTunes.

Presenting your Podcast to iTunes

  • To present your podcast to iTunes, you simply need to download and install the most recent update of iTunes on your PC. Install iTunes and click on the iTunes Store button, which is on the upper right corner of the screen.

  • iTunes will now access the iTunes Store section. Click on the Podcasts menu, and then, look for the Podcasts Quick Links area. There you will see a connection to Submit a podcast.

  • Next, this will open Podcast submit process. You will require a valid Apple ID to present your podcast to the iTunes catalog.

  • The main thing you will need is your podcast URL.

  • Your podcast will be submitted to iTunes audit line.

  • After endorsement by iTunes survey staff, it will be added to iTunes index and you will be informed via email.

Author Biography:

Jack Calder is a theme developer in Designs2html Ltd. He has a strong background in WordPress frameworks, applications and design. Jack is a constructive designer who also develops PSD to WordPress Theme in a impeccable manner.