A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a program called Ultimatum and wrote a review about it on Omega Web. I decided to share my review on the Ultimatum Members Forums and ask other members to share their review of the product too. This brings people into the thread, sends them to my review, and then they reply to my post on the forum… Within three hours of sharing my review, one of the lead developers of Ultimatum shared the post on his Twitter page, which will also help bring viewers to Omega Web.


Ultimatum Showcase

In my review of Ultimatum, I mentioned that I created IanEberle.com using the software… Before I knew it, my website was being featured in the showcase on Ultimatum’s website. So by sharing one link, I received traffic from the forum members, a link on the developer’s Twitter profile, and a backlink to IanEberle.com from a PR4 website.

When you write a blog post, think about who you could share it with… Think about your target audience and ask yourself if sharing your post in a specific location will help your traffic. If yes, then share away and see what happens!


One Response to Get Legitimate Viewers By Sharing Blog Posts With People Who Care

  • Thanks for sharing your experience on getting legitimate viewers, Thinking of about where to share the post to get targeted traffic is very important as a Blogger.

    Thanks for the post Ian.

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