Something I have noticed recently with my own blogs is the quality of my content is starting to slip. I’m used to writing great content, getting lots of social media shares and comments, and seeing increases on Google Analytics. Currently, I’m right in the middle of the fall semester at school with lots of homework and other obligations in life to tend to… All of which interfere with the amount of blog posts I’m writing and the quality of the posts that do go live. I have also been behind on sharing, commenting, and networking with my fellow bloggers. I haven’t written a guest post for another blog in months. My blog just isn’t delivering the quality content to my readers that I’m used to providing… So what do I do about it?

Take a 2-4 Day Break

Line Graph Down

Although I don’t recommend taking a break from blogging unless you have to, this is one of those times where it’s acceptable to take a break for 2, 3, or even 4 days. Taking a break means to stop writing posts, leave comments unanswered, and abandon your blog completely while you are on your break. This will give you some time to relax and you can always pick up right where you left off. Just remember when you do come back to your blog to stick to a schedule.

Actually Go To Sleep

As many bloggers are very busy during the day, we tend to write the majority of our posts during the wee hours of the night. In fact, it’s 11:33 PM as I am writing this post now. Because it is so late in the day, bloggers often get very sleepy and their thought processes start to slow down drastically. If you are having problems thinking clearly, save your post as a draft and go to sleep. It’s not going anywhere – it’ll be there in the morning – waiting for you to produce something better.

Allow Guest Posting

If you are suffering from writer’s block, a good way to get some good, quality content flowing on your blog is to allow some guest posting. If you are networked with a community of bloggers like I am, simply let your colleagues know that you need a guest post or two and I’m sure they can provide you with some good content. In my blogging group, Enstine of Em Fast Income was recently having health problems, so he had a fellow blogger talk about writing viral social media posts.

Do An Interview

If you can’t find anybody with time to write a guest post for your blog, simply find somebody to interview. I have interviewed one of my favorite bloggers, Ehsan Ullah, here on Omega Web and the success of the interview was great. Ehsan wrote most of the content for the post, but it encouraged social engagement and sharing among his readers. Blogger interviews are a good way to publish content quickly, but I would not suggest posting one more than once a month.

It’s Over To You!

Has your blog ever slacked off and lost some readers? Have you tried one or more of these methods? Do you have any other methods you would like to share with us? Hit the comments below!


47 Responses to What To Do When The Quality Of Your Blog Starts To Slip

  • Hey Ian,
    I can identify with this post.
    There are always such moments in a bloggers life when you have other obligations. If your blog is not as popular as others and you are not getting a decent number of guest posts, your blog will be hit.

    One of the things you can do is to hire a writer. It may cost between $10 and $35 per post but that will keep your blog very much alive. I’m thinking of this option seriously.

    The other options you have mentioned are very correct too. Most often, when you take a break, you return re-freshened and with new ideas.

    Hope you have a nice weekend bro

    • If you ever need a guest post, let me know. I am still planning on writing one for your blog, I have just been so busy so it makes it tough. I personally am against hiring writers because I think they are much too expensive. In addition, writers see the dollar signs while people who guest post do it for networking, feedback, and backlinks. In my experience, guest posts from reliable bloggers (for example, Basic Blog Tips) provide much better content.

  • I agree with Enstine here, hiring a writer is nice idea instead of allowing guest bloggers because this is the biggest mistake which I’ve made.

    You shouldn’t accept guest posts on your blog before getting good PR and good ranking. Taking breaks is also good way to unblock bloggers block.

  • I appreciate the idea of sleeping. It’s better to be late and lame, right?

  • I think that everyone in every profession experiences that sort of burnout where the creative juices are just not flowing. These are all really good tips. I especially appreciate the one about actually sleeping. Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and get some rest when you just aren’t being productive anymore.

  • creating a facebook page and try and promote your blog there and i guess that would help it!!!

  • I couldn’t agree with you more–these are great tips to counter the negative effects of inferior content. Taking a break even just for a short period of time gives us the freedom to generate new ideas without the pressure of organizing our thoughts right away. Thanks!

  • Your first paragraph defines my blogging life. I haven’t written any guest posts in months, no top-notch posts on my blog either and there are other activities of life I have to tend to.

    I also have constant distractions, I have set goals for myself, I follow them for sometime but then my mind drifts off, I see guitar lessons on youtube, song videos and on and on and on the distraction just extends.

    I’ve never done it but I think I should do an Interview. Not sure what questions I should ask..

    Nice post, Thanks!


  • blogging is an addiction for me and i feel the need to post alot, but i know that a quality post every now and then is better than a poor posting daily!

    • I also see blogging as an extension of myself, but after about five months, I started running out of things to blog about and I had to start thinking harder about topics. Sometimes they pop into my head, sometimes I actually have to think a bit.

  • I’ve had my own share of slacking off and taking things too lightly and whenever I do this, I find myself struggling to find the right words and ideas to come up with a sensible and relevant post. It’s true that because most of us are nocturnal, we lose the energy and drive to research and be insightful–there’s nothing like sleeping through the night 🙂 Thanks for these suggestions!

    • You’re welcome! I once watched a Ray Bradbury interview and he said the best time to write is super early in the morning when you’re barely awake. Haven’t tested this yet, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Hi Ian,

    Great points. Quality of our blogs can be slipped due to many reasons. But most of the reasons comes to one answer : writers block.

    The best way to overcome it is off blog (and get back when you get refreshment) or take other bloggers to involve (guest blogging and interview). I’ve done that and it’s great.

    Thanks for the post

  • Hi Ian, I liked your points like go to sleep or take a breake for 2-4 hours . its really work some time because many time due to rigorous working our efficiency level would drop, by the way thanks for very refreshing blog posting.

  • I can definitely relate with this post. Especially when you are used to the feeling of people interested in commenting and interacting with your blog. However, life goes on! Just provide good content. Be creative and everything will be good in the coming days!

  • Sometimes all it takes is taking a much needed break to find the motivation you need to write relevant content that your readers would actually benefit from. Thanks!

  • Proper delegation through guest blogging is such a great idea–even professional bloggers feel the need to do this too once in awhile.I personally make the most of my self-declared vacations by reading other blogs. Thanks!

  • When I am out of words and thoughts, I always make it a point to read and re-learn. Hiring a guest blogger is also a good call, this will give us the chance to recuperate and come up with new and exciting ideas and topics. Thanks!

    • Relearning is always great, but you can also try to discover something. If you run a science blog and run out of things to say, try to do something completely new and you will get attention for it, I promise!

  • Writing without inspiration won’t make anyone happy. I’m running a non-English blog on technology and used to buy new and new gadgets for reviewing them. Playing with a new phone or camera brings a bunch of ideas of ideas for “how to” articles.

  • Well, the only thing you need to do is to refocus your next blog entries to more relevant posts. There are a lot of things you can blog about that could possibly be influential to just about anyone.

  • Probably happens to everyone from time to time.

    We may have a bad patch where the posts just don’t quite click….

    Then once we get through that, we can regroup and go forward with extra gusto….

    Sometimes when we later look back, the posts were not as bad as we had imagined….

    A break is good, but not for to long as we may find it hard to get back into the right frame of mind…and/or to regain the momentum….

    • I think the same thing every once in a while. I once wrote a crap post in 25 minutes and it actually gained a PageRank of 4 and tons of comments… I thought it was terrible, but apparently people liked it.

  • Ian can you please give me a hint of a good way for guest blogging on my blog….

  • I would buy some good quality PLR and rewrite it. At the every least it will provide some new ideas for both topics and comment , andI usually end up re-writing it and expanding it to around twice it’s original length

  • Hi omega web,
    Please which wordpress plugin did you use to show related posts with images before the comment section on your blog?

  • Thanks, you are such a kind blogger,i will check out that plugin since it’s free.

  • You always have to make sure you continue to post quality things and respond to comments

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