Now web designers started pay attention to mobile designing. As with more and more people starting to browse the web from their phones, it’s a natural demand to make websites beautiful and viewable on smartphones. Now many businesses have decided that they don’t just want a mobile friendly site any more, but they want something their audience can carry along with them all the time. Actually there are so many different experiences one can design for and different techniques one can use. But Mobile interface design is still a challenging task. So today, we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful mobile interfaces for your inspiration.

Phone UI Retina – Natalie

It’s a wonderful Design what a user could ever want. It’s the sexiest User Interface Design ever, meet Natalie and tell us what is sexy.


Prague Zoo App

The Prague Zoo App is for tourists of the park that need to locate attractions. One can also keep tabs of their friends by syncing up with them. While this app is wonderful, it has an absolutely darling design.


Android app user interface design

This app has great design. As sometimes you just want to browse works while you’re away from your computer. This app isn’t only great because it makes sense but also because it has a very consistent look with its web version.


Today’s Schedule

It’s very beautiful app for a scheduler. While many designers are making use of squares and white space, this designer really decided to do something different with these shapes and even with the function of the app.


Panvel Ciclos

This is an a awesome app for women. The design of this app is absolutely superb and the color palette is just amazing. It goes to show how apps can be useful while subtly extending a brands touch to a consumer.



Coffely is basically a remote control app that allows you to tell your modern coffee maker when to make coffee. It also stores your favorites and you can set alarms.


Alarm Clock App

This app has some great features that are totally useful for everyone and has just an amazingly clean design that’s easy to understand.


Hunt a Place

Hunt a Place is a mentorship app designed to facilitate the integration of foreigners in a specific city / country.
By the user interface and the user experience, we wanted to bring collaboration and simplicity in the exploration of different places.

Facebook flat concept

I’ve personally never been a fan of the way Facebook designs any of their user interfaces, whether it be online or on mobile. It always feels like something is missing. This app concept lends itself to some of the very small details that make this app go the extra mile. Just goes to show how important the minor things are.



This is a fictitious project, redesigning the interface of the most famous mobile app in messaging services.



While everyone is living in boxes and other geometric shapes, it’s nice to see someone do something a little different. This is a feature rich app with free background image for – rainy day.


I Need Money!

This is an Android app concept to find small jobs in your neighborhood. The apps haven’t typical style. It’s handwritten, looks organic and stands out from many other apps.