Icon Fonts are awesome because, it has many advantages over traditional image icons. For example, if you want to change the size of your icon or want to change the color, it can easily be done with CSS without worrying about quality loss. You can also do all the other stuff that image based icons can do, like change opacity or rotate or whatever. Actually Icon fonts are the best solution for adding icons to web designs.

Here we’ve collected 10 best free icon fonts sets for you. These are the highest quality collections that are all downloadable for free!

Shock Icon font sets (1286 icons)

shock icon font

Sosa Icon font (160+ icons)

Sosa Icon font

Batch Icon Font (300+ icons)

Batch  Icon Font

Dripicons (95 icons)


The Elegant Icon Font (360 icons)


Helium Icon Set

Helium icon sets

Foundation Icon Fonts

Foundation Icon Fonts

Entypo – (376 icons)


Font Awesome (479 icons)

Font Awesome

Elusive Icons (299 icons)

Elusive Icons


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