Here at WR we always try to present new freebies to our readers to encourage about use of freebies. Actually working with web design or interface, designing web icons is very time consuming and challenging task. But thanks to awesome readymade free icons which made our life easier. In this post we have collected 15 free & fresh web icons which represent various actions and objects with great quality.

Freecns by Yanlu

Icons by Kipyatok

Tiny Icons by Monsters’Lab

Linecons by Designmodo

Chunky Pika Icon Set by Dutch Icon

Free Icons Set by Brankic

Agile Toolkit Icon Set by Mayack

Loops by Pranav

Free Shopping Icons by Virgil Pana

Free Icon Set by Joe Prince

Pixel Perfect Icons by Thom van der Weerd

Mini Glyphs by Julian Leiss

Bijou by Visual Idiot

Batch Icons by Adam Whitcroft

Geomicons by Brent Jackson