Web design nowadays is very interactive; it is no longer limited by static layouts. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript have opened up many design possibilities. Today I have an awesome post to share — 15 great interactive sites. The sites listed below clearly shows great examples of interactive web design. It ranges from simple transition effect to cool parallax scrolling, hover states, sliding interactions, or even scroll events to rich media presentation such as music audio and videos. Enjoy!



At the first glance Beyonce site looks like a Flash site, but it is actually all done with Javascript, HTML and CSS. The animation is nicly done. The page loading also very fast. Overall it’s fully interactive website with sliding interactions, scroll events which help in adding a delightful layer of engagement.


Tool of North America

This site also looks like a like a Flash site, but it is actually all done with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 with the super slick animation.

Mahedine Yahia

This is a super interactive site with frame-by-frame background animation effect with scroll.

Life of Pi

The Life of Pi jorney site has taken parallax scrolling and frame-by-frame animation to another level.


Solasie is a really a interactive website. It has pleasant browsing on the site to enjoy the rich media content (gallery images, music, and videos).


Nice text masking with navigation menu to the site.


As you scroll on the Tinke site, it shows you a complete walk-through of the product, all in action.


Cyclemon have beautiful illustrations presented with parallax scrolling!

Minimal Monkey

Minimal Monkey is a simple site which offers great user experience. The layout, page transition, and navigation are very well thought-out on all responsive breakpoints.


Athenos is a lovely site with a lot of design details and transition effects.


The background’s blurry effect is particularly stunning on the Whiteboard website.

Peugeot Hybrid4

Peugeot Hybrid4 is a simple interactive site with nice illustrations, keyframe animation, awesome sound effects, and great transition.

Nick Jones

This is also a very interactive website with nice illustration.


Captaindash is a simple interactive website with beautifull illustration.


This website have beautiful illustrations presented with parallax scrolling!