Images always attract readers to stay longer and to browse more pages. But the downside of having too many images is that it takes a lot of time to load images which effects SEO ranking and have bad user experience. To overcome this issue, you can implement technique called ‘Lay image load’ in your website.

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What’s a Lazy Load and How Does It Work?

Lazy images loading is a popular technique used to load images only when needed as opposed to pre-loading the images as websites traditionally do. It means that the images only loaded when the page is scrolled or the images content that are being accessed at that moment. This technique reduces HTTP requests to display many images and also speed up page loading.

Let’s have a look at 20 best Lazy load plugins for WordPress websites.

BJ Lazy Load

This plugin replaces all your post images, post thumbnails, gravatar images and content iframes with a placeholder and loads the content as it gets close to enter the browser window when the visitor scrolls the page. It uses jQuery and for your non-javascript visitors, don’t worry, they will still see the images in its original element without any distortion.


WordPress Lazy Load

This is an awesome WordPress plugin that enhances your page load speed by not loading the images until they are visible to the user. This plugin for all your images, whether they are in post content, sidebar or even any custom image you might have added in your blog. There are no settings or code changes required on your end. Just activate the plugin and enjoy it!


Rocket Lazy Load

This plugin works on thumbnails, all images in a post content or in a widget text, avatars and smilies. No JavaScript library such as jQuery is used and the script weighs less than 2kb. You simply need to install the plugin to enjoy a faster website.


Lazy Load

It’s a popular Lazy load WordPress plugin that used to load images when the visitor scrolls the page. This plugin uses jQuery.sonar to only load an image when it’s visible in the viewport. Using this plugin, you can improve page load times.


Simple lyteload

A simple plugin to integrate jQuery lazyLoad for lazy loading images which makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. The plugin has a simple options panel to manage and customize the way it works.


Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js)

This is a high rated WordPress plugin for implimenting lazy load functionality in your website. It uses Unveil.js jQuery which lazy load images and improve performance.


Lazy Widget Loader

The Lazy Widget Loader plugin provides lazy loading for widgets to improve page loading. The Lazy Widget Loader is similar to other Lazy Load plugins but focuses on widgets instead. This is pretty useful for those websites who has lots of slow widgets especially those that requires external data input. Examples of such widgets include social media widgets like Facebook and Twitter as well as ads widget like Adsense. These widgets take up additional bandwidth and thus, increase loading time.


WP YouTube Lyte

This is gret Lazy Load plugin for your videos. When this plugin is installed, your YouTube links will be replaced with “Lite YouTube embeds”. This look almost identical to your embedded YouTube video. When your visitors click on the video to play it, the plugin will then seamlessly initiates the actual Flash or HTML5 player.


YS images lazyload

This is a useful jQuery lazyload Wordress plug-in which work t server end. As different browsers can not guarantee that images are lazy, so using this plugin which works at server-side ensure that all browsers can support. YSLazyload lazy picture, only loaded after DOM elements finished, and to determine the current window to load and save your bandwidth resources. Since changes in the service side image src attribute, so compatible with all browsers.


Images Lazyload and Slideshow

This plugin is highly intelligent and useful. This plugin contains four gadgets: Customized css for content images, Images True Lazyload realization, Slideshow Effects using FancyBox or prettyPhot.



This plugin automatically copy image’s src value to file attribute, replace src value with a blank image’s url before showing, when the page is loaded, lazyload js will decide to load the images’ actual content automatically, only when user wants to see them.


Loading Page with Loading Screen

Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of image on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of completion. Once everything is loaded, the screen disappears.


Masterblogster Lazy Loader

Masterblogster Lazy Loader plugin loads your blog posts one by one with cool sliding animation effect. This plugin works with HTML5 valid wordpress blogs as it utilizes tag to animate the blog posts.


WP Lazy Spotify

WP Lazy Spotify allows music sites to speed up their page loads by lazy loading each spotify track or playlist on a page. Your users can hover to load the track or allow WP Lazy Load to load them as the user scrolls.


Advanced lazy load

Advanced lazy load is aiming to speed up your website. It delays loading of images in web pages. Images outside of viewport wont be loaded before user scrolls to them.


Lazy Load for Videos

This plugin improves page load times and increases your Google PageSpeed Score. It replaces embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image. By loading the videos only when the user clicks on the preview image using jQuery.


WP images lazy loading

This images lazy loading plugin enables the jQuery lazy loading of images to improve page load times and increase your Google PageSpeed Score. It delays loading of images outside of the viewport . These images won’t be loaded before the user scrolls down to them.


Crazy Lazy

This featured plugin also improves page load times and increases your Google PageSpeed Score.


Comments Avatar Lazyload

Comments Avatar Lazyload is a awesome WordPress plugin which perform at server side load replace the src property of img tag. The plugin is really useful and successfully checked by W3C.