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A digital presence is necessary for any business (even vendors in farmers’ markets have a listing of some sort). So while you are researching the best ways to go about getting your own website, look up Content Management Systems, and specifically, WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool-turned-content management system on the internet today, powering over 12 million websites (and counting). It’s free, it’s user-friendly, and it’s absolutely loaded with great features.


Here are 5 reasons why you should give WordPress a go:

1. Pocket-friendly

The platform (WordPress.org) is open source, which means that you can download the ‘software’ and all future updates for free. Essentially, the only money you have to spend is on hosting and domain name and those can be acquired for what practically amounts to pocket change.

This is not the equivalent of being cheap, and there are great themes and plugins available for premium prices. The point is that you have the choice in how much to spend, and where to do it. With a free scaffolding (core) in place, you can divert more resources and attention to aspects of design and functionalities.

2. User Friendly


“WordPress prioritizes user-friendliness above just about everything else.” It’s empowering.

WordPress gives complete control to users, and with a little effort, anyone can set up, customize, and go public with a complete blog or website with or without coding knowledge.

This makes the platform a perfect CMS tool for small businesses that are often strapped for time and resources. If you can create a profile on Facebook in 5 minutes, then working your way through WordPress administration panel will take you only about half an hour.

The relatively recent release of Calypso takes WordPress’ user friendliness metric further up: a client side interface which makes website management feel instinctive and easy.

3. Endlessly Customizable

WordPress has a tensile strength in spades. The platform can be used in a multitude of ways without making it lose its inherent structure and functionalities.

More than that, the endless variety of countless free and premium plugins, themes, and widgets available allows users to customize their websites on their own regardless of expertise in code. And say you have a WordPress development company taking care of customization: In that case, the possibilities are practically infinite. Even the aforementioned Calypso is customizable because why stop at website’s front-end when admin screens can be customized too?

This customizability makes WordPress a perfect fit for any industry vertical or business scale, especially small business websites.

4. SEO-friendlySEO-Friendly


There’s a difference between SEO-optimized and SEO-friendly. WordPress (out of the box) falls into latter category. The complete control over optimization is with you.

With over 80-90% of mechanics and powerful tools already contributed by superb developers, SEO becomes easy to learn and do by oneself. WordPress’ own default features (Permalinks, Titles and Meta Tags, ALT tags, etc.) coupled with plugins like All in One SEO Pack, Local SEO by Yoast, performance boosting plugins  like W3 Total Cache and thousands of others make SEO not only easy but fun.

5. ScalabilityScalability


As you grow, WordPress grows with you.

WordPress powers business websites of all scales, including and up to high traffic portals like Bloomberg Professional, BBC America, Walt Disney, Official Star Wars Blog, Finland cultural portal (thisisFINLAND) and countless others. And with the upcoming major version upgrade (4.5, scheduled for release this April), the platform will become a web development framework and put all misconceptions of it being a ‘blogging tool’ to rest once and for all.

A WordPress website is only limited by the resources, effort, and expertise of developers behind it.


WordPress websites score better on search results and benefit from the infinite generosity of a community of brilliant developers who work on improving and contributing to the platform round the clock. No other platform can keep pace with WordPress rapid development. As a growing business, you want exactly that for your business, and from your website.

The great thing about WordPress is also the one source for all the misconceptions about it: WordPress provides you with all the tools, be it security, SEO, performance, user experience, even and up to marketing automation and conversion tools. Discovering and USING them is entirely up to you.