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Besides the fact that it is 2012 and the world is moving to mobile, there are still some pretty legitimate reasons to ditch your landline telephone. Many people still hold onto their landline phone service because they don’t have cell phone service, need it for “emergencies”, or simply like talking on a landline phone… Well I’m here to tell you why they are a waste of money.

  1. Landline Phone

    The average landline phone bill per month is about $40. If you were to cancel the phone service and go to cell phone only, that would save you $480 a year.

  2. In addition to landline phones being expensive, cell phones make them ultimately useless. Sure, some locations may not have cell service for a specific carrier, but that doesn’t mean that another carrier doesn’t service your area. If you have Sprint and can’t make a call from your house, switch to AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile when your contract is up… Nothing is stopping you.
  3. Although many people want to hold onto landline phones in the case of an emergency, they are no more reliable than a cell phone. If your house is on fire, the wires for the landline phone will most likely be melted anyway, so you will want to use a cell phone to call 911. If your grandfather had a heart attack, there’s a higher chance that a telephone pole outside will burn to the ground than your cell phone not to have reception. If you have a reputable carrier such as Verizon or AT&T, you have nothing to worry about. If you have Vonage or Magic Jack for your home phone service, it is more likely for your Internet connection to go down than for your cell phone to stop working.
  4. If you are a long distance caller, you may want to learn about a program called Skype. It allows you to call other people anywhere in the world over the Internet for free. Skype uses a login name for free, but for a paid service (which is cheaper than a landline phone), you can have your own phone number. Another service that is similar is called Google Voice and it allows you to have your own phone number (even allows you to keep your phone number from landline service) to call any other phone for free. Google Voice also works over the Internet, but it can be utilized via web browser or a smartphone app. If you use Google Voice on your smartphone, you won’t even notice a difference.
  5. If you don’t have home phone service through Comcast, Century Link, Cox, or another company that uses telephone wires, chances are you have a service that works over the Internet. Magic Jack, Vonage, and other VoIP services all use up bandwidth that can ultimately slow down your Internet connection.

The main reason people are canceling their home phone is due to the cost, but these other reasons may persuade you off of the service. If you’re going to pay $100+ per month on cell phone service, why waste $40 more for a landline phone? And even if you decide to ditch the traditional landline for Magic Jack or Vonage, why let your Internet connection suffer? The fact of the matter is that it’s 2012 and the landline phone is dead.