An icon is a small, but an important part of any website. It describes the look and feel of the whole website design. Actually during website design, we often ignored icon design which is major to attracts visitors. For example, to connect with your audience, you can use social icons to link with them.

In today’s article, we’ve collected some free icon sets for different purposes. Hope these icon sets will be a great source of ideas for your next design.

Buddycons: 126 Vector-Based Social Media Icons

This is a set of 126 vector based social media icons. It includes Twitter, Facebook, RSS, MSN, Windows, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Linkedin, Yahoo, Yahoo Buzz, Myspace, Delicious etc. Google, Skype, Google Talk,


Dark Social Media Circle Icons

Social Icons Pack

36 free vintage social icons

It’s a collection of Dribbble, Pinterest, Google+, Skype, Vimeo, Behance, Github, Spotify, Zerply, Tumblr, Forrst, Instagram, Evernote, Gmail, Path and update StumbleUpon with the new logo.

Sociality – Premium Social Media Icon Set

Sociality is the world’s first full pack of Social Media Icons available in CSS3. This set contains 34 of the most popular social network and bookmarking site icons.


Vintage Social Media Stamps: Icon Pack

This free icon set consists of 14 icons for major social media networks, as well as common content-sharing icons like an RSS feed icon and an email icon.


Social Icons hand drawn

Stylish Social Icon Set

This set of stylish and modern social icons was created for use as you wish. You can use it any way you like, the set will pretty fit to the business website or personal blog! The set consists of 21 high quality icons in transparency PNG format (32px, 48px, 64px, 128px sizes).


Social Media Icon Set

Multi-Format Social Media Glyph Set

Free Vector Social Media Icons Set

Free Social Bundle Vector Icons

Professional E-Commerce Icons Set (20 Icons)

Metro Social Media Icon Set

Academic Icon Set

Free Set of Photography Icons

Summer beach and seaworld set

Free Icon Set From Ramotion

Ecology Icon Set

Free Set of Hand-Drawn Icons

Envelope Icon Set

Mobile Icon Set

Payment Icon Set

Trainee Icon Set 226 Icons

165 Lovely Vector Icons

Autumn Breeze Icons

Flavour Icon Set

Build Icons

Touch Gesture Icons

Basal Icons

Freshy Icons

Metro UI Icon Set – 725 Icons

30 Toolbar Icons

Premium Pixels Icon Set

Brocolli Dry Icons

Other Icons

Retro Icon Set

Pixic Icon Set

Aroma Icons


Handy Icons


Petite Icons

Pace Icon Set

Finely Crafted Icon Set

50 Crisp Web UI Icons

Mini Icons Vol. 1

Pixel UI Icon Set

Shopping Icons