Why Drupal Is A Great Choice For A CMS

Drupal, the open source content management system (CMS) is a powerful solution for a CMS.  It’s free, open-source, expandable, very powerful and popular! It runs major websites such as WhiteHouse.gov, MTV Europe, and The Economist.  Drupal is known for its powerful system that can be used for large, complex sites, and it’s the best platform that exists today for SEO. In this article, we discuss some major Drupal features, which make it popular among the web development community.


Creating A Single Page Website In Drupal 7

Creating a single page website is a new trend which is becoming popular. Actually single page website are mostly used when you have a site that does not have a lot of content, or when you want all content on your site to be on the home page and have a navigation for jumping between different sections of the site. You can create single page website for personal website, promotional site or maybe you could use it just to showcase your portfolio. (more…)

Single Page Websites developed using Drupal

Drupal is a powerful PHP open source content management system (CMS) powering millions of websites and applications. It supports many special features to develop modern websites in minutes. Suppose if you want to organize front page of your site as a single page website with navigation by anchors then Drupal is best option for you. Actually Drupal 7 supports Single Page module to create single page websites. This module provides the ability to display the content of all menu items of the main-menu on the Single Page Website module. As the single page design trend is getting more and more attention from designers, So today we decided to show you some inspiring examples of single page websites developed using Drupal. (more…)

10 Featured Free Drupal CMS Themes

10 Featured Free Drupal CMS Themes

Drupal is the top ranked open source CMS platforms based on PHP/MySQL. It offers customization from the back-end  without hacking into theme files. It’s very rich with its elegant custom themes which can be installed and customized from back-end  In this article, we have collected some free Drupal themes which provides elegant and responsive design. (more…)