I have been reading and guest posting on a blog called Guide and News for about a month now and the guy behind the scenes, Ehsan Ullah, has been very friendly with me. I decided to interview him and he happily agreed to answer a few questions.

An Interview With Blogger Ehsan Ullah

1. What inspired you to become a blogger and where did you learn about web hosting, WordPress, SEO, and other blogging information to have a successful website?

My domain is 2 years old, I registered it in June 2010, but it has been only 5 months since I’ve got serious into blogging and started working on my blog. I learned about blogging, WordPress, hosting, and SEO, etc in Karachi, Pakistan for almost two years. YES! I was in Karachi and I spent most of my life there than we moved to Kunduz, Afghanistan which is my homeland.

2. Being a teenager living in Afghanistan, do you feel you have any kind of advantage in the online world over other people your age?

I don’t think the place matters in online world, but being a teenager living in Afghanistan I think I have a lot of advantages over other people in online world. As of now I’m the top #1 blogger in Afghanistan and I hope one day I will be the top blogger of the world. Place doesn’t matter, anyone can do anything online from all around the world.

3. Describe the ideal GuideAndNews.com reader.

As I have a complete series on “Starting a Blog” for newbies in my blog and I have also written many guidance articles about SEO, WordPress, and affiliate marketing, etc, So the ideal readers of GuideAndNews.com are those who are new in industry and seeking information on how to start a blog or how to blog better, to improve their knowledge on SEO, Internet marketing and blogging and to improve their writing because writing for a blog is totally different than writing an essay.

4. What is your most effective way in profiting from your blog? Do you feel you should be making more money for the amount of work you put into writing?

For now my most effective way of profiting from my blog is Google Adsense, but soon I am planning to stop Adsense and start affiliate marketing when I complete some pending works on my blog like building an email list, completing the series of “Starting a Blog” which I’m running now and the step by step SEO series which I’m going to start soon.

5. What are some of the blogs you visit on a daily basis?

6. If you could choose one blogging tool that has greatly increased the success of Guide And News, what would it be?

If I could choose just one blogging tool, it would be CommentLuv plugin because it really increased the popularity, success and comments of my blog.

7. Please share some final tips on secret blogging techniques, tools, or websites that we may not know about.

I’m not sure if there’s still any blogging secret, just pieces of tired advice.

Don’t expect to get results overnight and don’t expect to get rich quick. Blogging is a long time process and needs time to grow. Don’t quit blogging after publishing 10 or 15 posts, stick with it in all cases than you will see amazing results.

Never hesitate to invest in your blog. If you want to run a serious blog start with necessary things and also invest in them if needed.

The knowledge of SEO and niche market is a must in blogging. Use social media as number one tool to promote your blog posts. Write for people and not for search engines. Try to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche by commenting on thier posts and also share it on your social profiles. Don’t care about money, just try to give value to your audience and share useful information with them.

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