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Welcome To Omega Web

Welcome To Omega Web


Welcome to Omega Web! On this blog, we will be talking about the Internet, online tools, Facebook, WordPress, Joomla!, web development, blogging, and much more. We also have lots of free stuff and will soon be adding more.

We have plans to add a forum, podcasts, and many more great features, so bookmark us and check back later.

About our name and tag-line:

Omega is the 24th letter in the Greek alphabet and in the Greek numerical system has a value of 800. The majuscule’s Omega (Ω) looks somewhat like the English character O and the minuscule Omega (ω) looks like the English character W. Put together, they look like OW, or Omega Web.

Our tag-line “It’s All Geek To Me” is derived from the popular saying “It’s All Greek To Me,” meaning hard to understand. Many things that geeks do, such as web development and programming, are hard to understand to an outside observer that is unfamiliar with the language.