Robert Long

My name is Robert Long and I am the owner of Omega Web. I also run a web design firm called I'm from Gulf Breeze, Florida but now I live in Erlangen, Germany with my wife and 2 children. I have been building websites since 1998 and hope to share some of my ideas with web designers that are just starting out.

The Columnizer is a fantastic responsive jQuery content plugin for a newspaper column layout, that automatically lays out website content into newspaper column format. It splits the website’s div content into as many columns possible, which will fit the user’s browser to look like a newspaper. Continue reading

WordPress is the largest community of thousands of designers and developers, millions of users, all contributing to pushing WordPress forward. The most common way to do this is designing and developing themes for WordPress. Continue reading

Color pickers are common in websites to change color dynamically. The color pickers are specially needed in logo or image design websites, in templates to handle color options,  design websites that provide services to create your own design Continue reading

Rating is much needed feature for websites like eCommerce, business, reviews, gaming, movies, songs or any other products website which needs customer ratings. Rating lets interact with customers and helps to understand products by collecting the feedback by customers. Continue reading

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