Before HTML5 and CSS3, most of interactive media rich websites are built with flash. As we all know that Flash has all kinds of problems like higher page load time and search engine unfriendliness. But HTML5 and CSS3 have swept the web by storm in a very short time. The similar flashes like interactive websites are being built using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. These websites are very user friendly and takes less time to load.

In this article, I have a collection of beautiful interactive websites that features all effects of Flash but designed using HTML5 and CSS3. So enjoy!

Team Viget

Interactive HTML5 and CSS3 Websites Looks Like Flash

Plano Form

Interactive HTML5 and CSS3 Websites Looks Like Flash

Adidas Design Studios

Martin Gauer

Mercedes-Benz A-Class


TAG Interativa



Salt Surf

Nike Better World

Blind Barber

Love & Luxe