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Best Apps for Designers Right Now

Apps are becoming an important part of our life. These checks our daily life from alarming in the morning, gathering ideas, filing invoices,  daily office work etc. That’s why we always looking for new apps which can fulfill our requirement as well make thing easy. Here are 8 great apps for designers – some may…

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Making Your First Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome is the best web browser around right now, and the main feature of that brings it at top is its excellent extensions. The extensions allow us to add functionality to Chrome without going deeply into native code. You can easily create new extensions for Chrome with those core technologies that you’re already familiar with from web development:…

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Free Open-source tools for Web Designers & Developers

Web designers and developers always needs tools and software to keep their websites well maintain and running smoothly. Having the right tools and software decreases your time spent developing, which in turn increases your profits.   However, when you are starting out and have very little cash flow, you still need software.  So we’ve collected some…

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Upload File AndFTP

Cross-Browser Multi Featured File Upload Plugins

Social network sites provide great experienced with photo upload or album creation. For example, Facebook has multi featured image upload functionality with smooth progress bar, multiple file uploads,  photo quality, add  quality etc.  and photo crop with elegant design. With that in mind, I have collected some multi featured file upload plugins which provided smooth…

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