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Drupal is the top ranked open source CMS platforms based on PHP/MySQL. It offers customization from the back-end  without hacking into theme files. It’s very rich with its elegant custom themes which can be installed and customized from back-end  In this article, we have collected some free Drupal themes which provides elegant and responsive design. Continue reading

Social network sites provide great experienced with photo upload or album creation. For example, Facebook has multi featured image upload functionality with smooth progress bar, multiple file uploads,  photo quality, add  quality etc.  and photo crop with elegant design. With that in mind, I have collected some multi featured file upload plugins which provided smooth file upload with advance features like multiple file select and upload, upload progress bar, image crop, image upload cancel and delete, drag and drop with cross-browser compatibility. Continue reading

If you are new to WordPress, then this video will help you learn the basics to get your started. It gives you a full walk-through of the WordPress dashboard and how to use it to control your blog. I highly recommend viewing this video carefully before any other WordPress tutorials if you are new to WordPress. Continue reading

Google recently indicated that they will start ranking websites partially based on their website load time, which means page load time could be a major influence on your website search engine rankings. Fast and optimized web pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. So it’s become essential to optimize your websites and improve page load performance. In this article we have collected some quick tips to speed up your website’s load time. Continue reading

Sometime it’s  hard for frontend developer to understand web libraries which is mostly written in JavaScript or backend languages. But there are few CSS libraries and resources which are extremely useful and make things easy to most frontend developers. In this article , I have collected useful CSS tools, resources and code libraries for web developers. In these libraries, all the codes are written in CSS-only and should not require any JavaScript to function.

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This post is to point out the vast array of skills it takes just to build a simple five page website.  I’m hoping this will be useful for all you freelancers out there that are starting out and trying to explain why your prices are higher than your clients might expect.  This post will give you an outline to expand upon depending on what type and size website your clients require. Continue reading

Now it’s very easy to develop more responsive and customized websites or web application according to user needs using HTML5 and CSS3 UI kits. Here in this article I have gathered a list of advance UI kits that’s built with CSS. These kits have been coded beautifully using CSS3 techniques and all include a range of common web UI elements. Continue reading

For the past few days, I have showed you some of the best WordPress responsive themes you can download and use on your site. Today, I am going to provide a range of useful responsive CSS frameworks which can make your task quick and easy. These frameworks have all the complicated grids, layouts and media queries in place ready for you to add your own design and markup. Here’s a roundup of the most popular frameworks currently being used by designers.

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A responsive web design allows you to make your website layout expand or shrink to fit whatever screensize viewed on. If you are planning to start a new WordPress site then it’s a best to implement a responsive WordPress theme in your site. Here in this round-up, I have gathered some of the best free, responsive WordPress themes that have been recently released. These themes will do work across all resolution and can be used as a great base for further development.

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