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Because of the way the world is trending with different mobile Internet technologies today, there are many website designers out there looking for work. It’s an incredibly vibrant market, primarily because the number of people and businesses who need websites designed far outweigh the actual number of designers. However, it’s difficult to really get your message across. Continue reading

Recent web design trends already point out to what might turn from a local tendency to a widespread industry standard. 2014 saw the rise of HTML5, mobile, scrolling design, flat UI and micro UX. The most important aesthetic principle was an all-time favorite – minimalism. What’s in store for graphic designers and web developers in the upcoming year? Here’s a list of some really hot topics that we will see booming in the near future. Continue reading

Becoming a web developer is a tempting perspective. The demand in the market is already high and getting higher every day. However there are many options to choose from. Having a full-time job provides you stability, but working as a freelancer gives you more opportunities. When it comes to web development, costs of starting your own business aren’t that high. You don’t even need an office. You can talk to your clients on Skype or meet them at your local coffee house. All you have to do is get yourself a laptop and remember a few things. Continue reading

It’s not easy to have a simple and elegant design, when you must present a large amount of content on a single web page. jQuery Expandable tree view menus and navigation systems, can be a great choice to solve this problem, as it saves a lot of space and adds a stylish look to any web page.  Here is a jQuery dynamic treeview example Continue reading

Web design trends change very quickly, due to the fast moving nature of technology. The various software, programming languages and skills sets involved in running a web design company or working for someone else, tend to change over the years dramatically. But there are still some skills and methods that remain the same. Continue reading

Developing  mobile apps excite every developer. Actually the availability of tons of feature-rich mobile development editors makes life easier and interesting. In this article, we’ll look into 10 best solutions for building cross-platform mobile apps. You can easily choose suitable editor according to your project complexity and requirement.

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Developing a creative and appealing website is basically complemented with two significant elements. First one is fully-functional and proficient website code and another is attractive, engaging and user-friendly design. In lack of either one of these it is almost impossible to create an effective website. For both things i.e. website design and coding different professionals used to contribute their efforts as we-designer and web-developer.

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Apps are becoming an important part of our life. These checks our daily life from alarming in the morning, gathering ideas, filing invoices,  daily office work etc. That’s why we always looking for new apps which can fulfill our requirement as well make thing easy. Here are 8 great apps for designers – some may be familiar but hopefully you’ll find something new that you love.

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HTML5 and CSS3 bring a revolution in web development. They provided many new elements and created multiple ways to add beautiful plug-in and UI kits in your websites. Actually HTML5 and CSS3 are very rich with its helping materials and elements. You can easily add advance features in your websites in minutes. For example you want drop down menu in your website then it’s very easy, you can have many beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 drop down menu which are in latest trends of websites. In this article, we’ve collected some beautiful drop down menu from HTML5 and CSS3. Hope if you’re looking for drop down menu developed using HTML5 and CSS3; you will surely find something that you looking for.

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