The following is a guest post from Doug Glaston. Doug is a writer on social media and Internet marketing who also is a content provider for Home Security Team.

It’s not very often that a federal government warns its citizens to refrain from using an Internet browser, but apparently the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany did exactly that. This past week, the federal organization which is called the BSI in German initials (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik), warned users not to use Internet Explorer 9 in fear that people would be exposed to too many vulnerabilities due to a compromised server. Continue reading

If you visited Omega Web yesterday afternoon, you would have noticed an outage due to changing web hosts. I recently switched over to Host Gator for a couple of reasons and I sure hope I am here to stay. To recap, I purchased my first web hosting plan from FatCow in January of this year. I was happy with FatCow until they screwed me in June by suspending my websites for having “too many requests to the server.” I had to act fast, so I went to a company I knew and trusted, which is GoDaddy. Continue reading

I first started blogging back in 2010, so I didn’t get to where I am today without a little practice. I needed practice writing in the style that is effective for the Internet, practice with blog design elements, social networks, common blog terminology, etc. Successful blogs do not happen overnight and neither do successful bloggers. Continue reading

One of the most common questions I am often asked is “What tools do you use for blogging?” The answer is quite simple since writing a blog doesn’t require any more than web hosting, an Internet connection, and a computer but there are some optional tools that will help you succeed. Continue reading

Going into the Google PageRank update that occurred yesterday, August 2nd, Omega Web was a PR1 blog. I bought the domain name in May 2012 and it had PR1 when I bought it, so I already had a head start. After the PageRank update, Omega Web was still PR1, but some of my other websites experienced some changes. Continue reading

Every three or four months, Google updates the numerical score they sort websites by. The number is called a website’s PageRank and is a value of 0-10, 0 being the least reliable website and 10 being the most reliable website. Google PageRank is calculated by a complex algorithm that was composed and stored inside the Google headquarters. Most Internet marketers and bloggers know some basic things such as reliable content and strong backlinks, but we don’t know everything that Google takes into consideration. Continue reading

Go Daddy Auctions

Ever since I started buying and selling domain names for profit, I have experimented with different buying options. I purchased by… Continue reading

If you have a slow computer that freezes up often or has many viruses, you can completely erase Windows and install Linux instead. Linux is a free, open-source operating system that runs on a variety of hardware and is compatible with many applications. Continue reading

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