Running a freelance business is not an easy task, so when it comes to doing taxes and bookkeeping, it’s very difficult to keep things in order.  In this article I will go over some of the software and tools I use to help me keep track of my finances, pay my taxes, bill clients and create invoices as well as some other useful tips. Continue reading

Being a web developer is awesome! If you are reading this article, then you already know that web development is one of the most exciting fields right now. But when you ask a web developer how they feel about their job, most will tell you that they enjoy development, but it is not as easy as you might think and there are many skills required. Continue reading

Web design trends change very quickly, due to the fast moving nature of technology. The various software, programming languages and skills sets involved in running a web design company or working for someone else, tend to change over the years dramatically. But there are still some skills and methods that remain the same. Continue reading

Blogging has always been about expressing yourself and sharing what you know on the Internet. With the huge popularity of smartphones and tablet devices which offered opportunity to not only blog on-the-go, but also to perform many blogging-related tasks on their smartphones when you are away from their computer. If you’re running a WordPress blog then this article is specially designed for you because WordPress provides great apps for smartphones such as Android, iOS, blackberry, Windows, Nokia and WebOS. These are feature rich application which provides you more options to post when you’re away from your computer.

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Currently Google Chrome is the most popular browser. It becomes the first choice of most of web developers and internet users. Actually Chrome is a feature rich browser which has a long list of extensions, utilities, themes etc. Unlike other browsers, you can easily change look and feel of your chrome browser by using Google Chrome’s readymade cool themes. The theme appears around the border of the browser and as the background of the New Tab page. Today we’ve gathered some cool Google Chrome themes which surely add color to your browsing.

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