Mozilla Firefox is feature rich browser which is a popular among web developers. It supports many useful Add-ons and extensions that speedup web development and increases developer’s productivity. But many new developers are unknown about the features and Add-ons of Mozilla Firefox which can be helpful. In this article, I have listed few useful Mozilla Firefox Add-ons which surely help in your daily web designing and development. Continue reading

Color management is an essential part of web designing. A website’s color scheme always helps to its true shape and identity. But it’s a very time consuming task for web designer, first you need to pick a color palette for your designs then needs to convert all kinds of color values from hex to RGB. So to make things easy, we’ve collected few useful online available color picker tools which help you to choose color of your choice and also can convert your color selections. Continue reading

Web typography has come a long way which always encourage web developer to think and implement things differently. Most of  Web developers are always trying to improve and manipulate web typography and looking for smart solutions. Thanks to the ease of use and popularity of jQuery, developers are coming up with some clever ways to do something different with typography. In this article we’ve listed 8 useful JQuery plugins which surely work for you to enhance your web typography. Continue reading

Google recently indicated that they will start ranking websites partially based on their website load time, which means page load time could be a major influence on your website search engine rankings. Fast and optimized web pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. So it’s become essential to optimize your websites and improve page load performance. In this article we have collected some quick tips to speed up your website’s load time. Continue reading

If you are looking for iOS styled toolbars for any website, Toolbar.js is best. It’s a JQuery plugin which offers a very simple, yet decent way of creating tooltip style toolbars for use in web application and websites. The toolbar is easily customisable using the twitter bootstrap icons and provides flexibility around the toolbars display with number of icons. Continue reading

A responsive web design allows you to make your website layout expand or shrink to fit whatever screensize viewed on. If you are planning to start a new WordPress site then it’s a best to implement a responsive WordPress theme in your site. Here in this round-up, I have gathered some of the best free, responsive WordPress themes that have been recently released. These themes will do work across all resolution and can be used as a great base for further development.

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