Web Design Trends in 2016

As the design trends are quick that lasting for a very short time with the evolution of the web design industry. It is not guaranteed that if something popular this year may be same for next year. (more…)

Common Trends in Modern Web Design

Web design trends change very quickly, due to the fast moving nature of technology. The various software, programming languages and skills sets involved in running a web design company or working for someone else, tend to change over the years dramatically. But there are still some skills and methods that remain the same. (more…)

Free WordPress Mobile Apps for Blogger

Blogging has always been about expressing yourself and sharing what you know on the Internet. With the huge popularity of smartphones and tablet devices which offered opportunity to not only blog on-the-go, but also to perform many blogging-related tasks on their smartphones when you are away from their computer. If you’re running a WordPress blog then this article is specially designed for you because WordPress provides great apps for smartphones such as Android, iOS, blackberry, Windows, Nokia and WebOS. These are feature rich application which provides you more options to post when you’re away from your computer.