jQuery page flip is a popular feature in web design. It provides a website page flipping through a book or magazine. Actually JQuery page flip book plugins replaces Flash which were used in past. Today in this showcase, we’ve collected few jQuery page flip Book plugins that offer good page-flip experience and help creating book-like interfaces.

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Here at Web Revisions(WR) we always try to increase your freebies stock with latest materials. That’s why today we’ve collected some free beautiful fonts to increase your stocks so that you can easily get free icons sets of your choice for your next projects. So feel free to download the right icons to increase your library for your next designs.

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Here at Web Revisions(WR) we believe that our readers can always use on new freebies (fonts, PSDs, plugins etc.) for their projects. With the new design one can never have enough fonts,  that’s why we’ve collected some different styles of new fonts to increase your personal design fonts  library. So feel free to download the right fonts to increase your library for your next designs.

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Here at WR we always try to collect useful freebies to spice up your design and encourage about free web resources. Today in this showcase, we’ve collected some really cool flat icons sets. As the Flat design is a minimalistic approach and style to designing websites and UI which is getting popular. So feel free to download the ones you like most.

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There are many designers out there who choose to help the community by providing free and useful Photoshop brush sets that you can download and use in your web work. Today in this collection, we’ve gathered over 20 fresh and free Photoshop brush sets of current design trends and styles such as Starfield,  Bokeh, Fractal, Spray Splatter and Watercolor and many more.

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Twitter provides their users to update profile design just like facebook and Google plus. Users can change their cover image and re position profile image. If you want to update their profile cover image then it very easy,. You’ve just need to visit Twitter Covers, a website that provide collection of beautiful Twitter Covers with different categories. Today in this article, we’ve gathered some beautiful Twitter Covers from that collection which surely attract you. Continue reading

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme for a new website or for a fresh look on an already running website, then there are always plenty of new themes available free of cost. Recently WordPress released a long list of new WordPress themes with elegant designs. In this article we’ll showcase some of the best new themes that were released recently, and hopefully if you’re looking for a new theme you will find something that you looking for.

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Designers always look for new designs and elements. That’s why here at WR we always try to present new freebies to our readers to keep them updated with fresh and free web design resources. Today we have collected some fresh design freebies from dribbble to give you some inspiration for your next design. Actually dribble is a place where you can find and download some awesome designs. Continue reading

Here at WR we always try to present new freebies to our readers to encourage about use of freebies. Actually working with web design or interface, designing web icons is very time consuming and challenging task. But thanks to awesome readymade free icons which made our life easier. In this post we have collected 15 free & fresh web icons which represent various actions and objects with great quality. Continue reading

Web designers and developers always needs tools and software to keep their websites well maintain and running smoothly. Having the right tools and software decreases your time spent developing, which in turn increases your profits.   However, when you are starting out and have very little cash flow, you still need software.  So we’ve collected some excellent, free, open-source tools for you to speed up your development and improve your performance. Continue reading

Icon fonts are useful as they give many advantages over conventional image icons. For example, if you want to change the color of icon font, then it can easily be done with CSS whereas with an image, you will have to design a separate image of the icon.  Keeping this in mind, we’ve collected a set of free icons font which surely helps you for your web design projects. Continue reading

We always try to collect all types of freebies for our readers. We know web designers always looking for decent resources to keep their designs fresh and beautiful. Since fonts plays an important role in a web design, so it’s very necessary to keep a stock of beautiful and fresh fonts. Here we have collected few fresh and free font to your stock to use in your next projects. Continue reading

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