If you want your website to stand out from among your competitors, simply writing articles will not be enough to accomplish what you desire.  Your articles must be SEO friendly.  SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means it is optimized to rank high on search engine return lists.  There are a few points within your article that will make it SEO friendly, and here are the top things you need to know.

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As I was doing research for my history project on the first ten presidents of the United States, I couldn’t help to notice how many unrelated results from sites like Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, and ChaCha came up before reliable sources. These sites rank incredibly well and if you enter any query into Google in the format of a question, you are bound to see them at the top of the SERPs. When trying to do some research for a history course, I prefer not to rely on Yahoo Answers (and its competition) even though I have gotten some good information from such sites in the past. Continue reading

Just a few months ago, I met this blogger named Wade. He runs a blog called Bloggers Make Money and basically teaches other people how to make money on the Internet. He has been very successful with his blog – so much so that he was able to take up blogging full time after an accident that prevented him from doing his full-time “traditional” job. Continue reading

If you are familiar with web hosting, you probably know of the two mainstream platforms: Windows and Linux. Most shared web hosts offer Linux hosting due to the low cost and low maintenance, but there are also shared and dedicated hosts that offer Windows and even Mac hosting options. When selecting one of these options, it could get confusing, so I’m going to help you understand which platform is best for you. Continue reading

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