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40 Free Tattoo Fonts for Creative Designs

In recent years, tattoo fonts and related typography have been used in various design projects, from graphic design, print and web design. Tattoos are an excellent way to show something that you are passionate about.

Are you looking for great tattoo fonts?  Below you will find some of the best fonts for your next project.   Please don’t forget to like our page and bookmark it for future reference.


10 jQuery Modal Dialog boxes plugins

Modal windows or dialog are getting popular in web development. The latest Gmail update handled most of things using dialog box. Now you can see Gmail email compose dialog box, insert photos dialog box, insert file dialog box, attach files dialog and many more. Actually modal dialog boxes are great way to show information, errors, and alerts and also can handle forms. So thinking of popularity and its importance, we’ve collected some feature rich jQuery modal dialog box plugins which can be easily added to your websites.


15 Fresh Responsive WordPress Business Themes

Wordress is rich with its theme collection. It has a large available collection of featured themes. But it’s not easy to find themes which pass major features such as responsive design, colorization capabilities, browser compatibility and advanced options panel. As we know that a responsive design will allow your users to view the website from any device. The colorization allows selecting any color of your choice for websites. Also the theme should be supported by all major internet browsers including Firefox, Chrome, internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The advanced options panel enables to handle a lot of things through panel options without going into code.