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10 Best free Christmas fonts

The next time you are thinking of adding a bit of festive typography to your Christmas cards and seasonal designs, check out this list of Best free Christmas fonts, focused on holiday styles. So don’t lose this page, as I have collected the best fonts for you to use in designing Christmas greeting cards, Christmas posters, Invitation or Photo Christmas cards, Christmas notes or any design projects related to Christmas. (more…)

40 Free Tattoo Fonts for Creative Designs

In recent years, tattoo fonts and related typography have been used in various design projects, from graphic design, print and web design. Tattoos are an excellent way to show something that you are passionate about.

Are you looking for great tattoo fonts?  Below you will find some of the best fonts for your next project.   Please don’t forget to like our page and bookmark it for future reference.


8 JQuery Plugins to Enhance Your Web Typography

8 JQuery Plugins to Enhance Your Web Typography

Web typography has come a long way which always encourage web developer to think and implement things differently. Most of  Web developers are always trying to improve and manipulate web typography and looking for smart solutions. Thanks to the ease of use and popularity of jQuery, developers are coming up with some clever ways to do something different with typography. In this article we’ve listed 8 useful JQuery plugins which surely work for you to enhance your web typography. (more…)