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Big images play an important role in web design. These create beautiful visuals to their viewers with attractive design. In this trend, designers optimize big images to deliver best user experience, and then combined them nicely to create clean and minimal designs. Today we’ve listed some beautiful examples of websites using big images which surely inspire you to do same!

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It’s always been good experience to browse some neat and clean websites. These websites gives inspiration for future projects and also experienced how designers are creating clean designs. Keeping this mind, we’ve collected some inspiring examples of websites with neat and clean design. These websites are designed beautifully with the combination colors, textures, illustrated elements and much more. So checkout these examples and also don’t forget to submit your valuable comments.

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HTML5 is the new version of HTML with many advance elements, techniques and features which allows designers to create beautiful websites. The new HTML standard features with audio, video playback,  drag and drop etc. which previously imported from third party plug-ins such as adobe and Silverlight. With HTML5,  you can add some outstanding effects to your websites in minutes. So with these features, we’ve gathered some inspiring  examples of websites that developed using HTML5. Just check it out. Continue reading

Twitter Bootstrap Framework is a powerful front-end framework which is using HTML5 and CSS3 techniques for developing websites with carefully crafted user interface elements, typography, layouts, and JavaScript tools, freely available to use in your next web design project. It’s a popular front-end framework but still everybody not familiar with it. Continue reading

Currently scrolling effects are become an important part of website design. Its increase interaction and user interest which might be important for any website. The scrolling effects are implemented through smart background positioning, JavaScript tactics and animations. It makes your website pages alive which attract user’s attentions and also makes them surprise. Actually there is a lot of websites which uses awesome scrolling effects; in this article I have collected few websites with amazing scrolling effects for your web inspiration.

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Texture is an essential part of good web design. It adds depth and style to websites and help to give a tactile and realistic feel to the interface. The textures also help a website seem more familiar with things we come across in the real world. Here in this article we like to keep our readers up to date with the theme design and also want to show how other designers use texture in their websites. Here’s a list of inspirational collection of 20 websites which have an excellent use of texture in design. Continue reading

A responsive web design allows you to make your website layout expand or shrink to fit whatever screensize viewed on. If you are planning to start a new WordPress site then it’s a best to implement a responsive WordPress theme in your site. Here in this round-up, I have gathered some of the best free, responsive WordPress themes that have been recently released. These themes will do work across all resolution and can be used as a great base for further development.

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