8 Excellent Tools to Optimize Images for the Web

Image optimization is an essential part of webdesign. It reduces page response time,  makes your web pages load faster and reduces bandwidth consumption. There are many useful free image optimization tools are available online. In this article, we’ve listed some excellent tools which surely help you to make your web images as small in file size as possible. (more…)

8 jQuery Plugins for Enhancing Layout and Interfaces

A great design always gives a good impression. Actually design is an important part of any website. But it’s not easy for designers to finish unique layout or UI with CSS alone. They need front-end script to handle it. jQuery libraries which are rich in feature, can be very useful. In this article, we’ve listed some useful JQuery plugins that can help you when it comes to enhance website layouts and interfaces. (more…)

Implement Awesome Lightbox effects with jQuery plugin

Everyone wants lightbox JQuery effect in their image gallery. But with the original Lightbox JavaScript library, there has been countless libraries developed with awesome effects. In this article, we have collected top lightbox jQuery plugins having smart image preloading and awesome effects which runs on all modern browsers. So don’t forget to bookmark this article to use one of these plugins in your future project. (more…)

10 Free, Ultimate Responsive WordPress Themes Collection

10 Free, Ultimate Responsive WordPress Themes Collection

A responsive web design allows you to make your website layout expand or shrink to fit whatever screensize viewed on. If you are planning to start a new WordPress site then it’s a best to implement a responsive WordPress theme in your site. Here in this round-up, I have gathered some of the best free, responsive WordPress themes that have been recently released. These themes will do work across all resolution and can be used as a great base for further development.