PPC Management, Cork Ireland

After all my experience with running websites for both clients and myself, having an email address with your domain name (such as ian@omegaweb.com instead of ianeberle@gmail.com or something) is one of the most annoying things to set up.

First off, it’s annoying to access your cPanel webmail every time you want to check your email, so you end up using either POP3 or IMAP and setting up your email in a program like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. This is all great until you have a web host like HostGator that will take your websites down if you have too many email processes running at one time. And if you’re like me and have 5 email accounts, it’s really easy to go over HostGator’s 25 open processes limit.

Now at this point, you are searching for an alternative. In the past, I would suggest using Google Apps, but they have since taken away the free version and you now have to pay for Google’s services. Microsoft’s Outlook.com looks tempting, but without the proper support for IMAP or POP, it wouldn’t make sense to put your custom domain emails on Outlook.com.

The only remaining option is to use an email hosting service such as Zoho or Rackspace. The problem I have with these services, however, is that they are way too expensive. Rackspace is the cheaper of the two and they charge $2 per mailbox per month. So if I have 5 email accounts, it’s going to cost an extra $10 a month just to comfortably access my email via IMAP.

When looking for the cheapest email hosting service, I came across GoDaddy’s email hosting. I had no idea GoDaddy even offered this service as they mainly push their web hosting and domain sales, but they do indeed offer email hosting and it’s cheap! For just $3.49 a month, I can have 10 email accounts (all with different domain names) with IMAP and POP3 support. Compared to the pricing at Zoho or Rackspace, GoDaddy’s email hosting is only $0.35 per account per month.

After I signed up for their Unlimited package (this is the only one that supports IMAP), setting up my 5 email addresses was a breeze! I am now using GoDaddy’s services instead of my HostGator cPanel email and I’m very happy that I no longer have to worry about going over my limit of open IMAP processes.