Now creating a website is very easy. You can easily create beautiful websites using available online web tools. There are a lot of online web tools available which provides easy steps to

create your own websites and also can change look and feel using control panel. Today we’ve collected some featured free online available web tools to build websites and web pages.



Intuit is a paid online website create tool which provides sites creation with hundreds of design and features. By using this, you can create simple, business and professional sites.


It’s also paid online website create tool which provides steps to create beautiful sites.

Build Your Site

It’s a paid online website create tool which give easy steps to create beautiful sites. It is aim to help for small business owners to use the power of the web to build and grow their businesses.


Using DoTemplate, you can create your own professional webdesign within few minutes. Just download the template and customize it according to your needs.


Ewisoft Website Builder is an excellent website creation too which is used by beginners as well to create a decent website for personal or business use.


Using Clan Site Manager, you can create a professional, advertisement free website within seconds. You can just choose the template from the massive library of themes, customize your website and start adding content.

You Free Web

This web tool helps users to create their own professional websites and offer features such as drag and drop editor, add multimedia elements to your website without any coding or technical skills and much more.


Ucoz is a free website builder which enables you to create your own website without any technical knowledge.


The tool provides a fast way to create and publish websites, from a Photoshop design or design templates with no coding, install or download required.


It’s a great website designing tool for restaurant owners and other cuisine related businesses to create websites.


It’s a one of the easiest way to create your own website online. It used a simple drag and drop tools and a great WYSIWYG editor for web page creation.


The tool allows website creation as well as importing blogs from popular blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, tumblr, TypePad etc. You can easily incorporate your blog from these services on the newly designed websites via DevHub.


Roxer is a featured web tool which provides free websites creation services.


Yola provides some great features to its customer to create free websites online.


It’s an awesome web tool to create free websites in a minutes.


Edicy is a simple web tool for building multilingual websites.


It’s an one of the best website building tools on the internet. It helps you create professional websites and blogs with the help of web on drag-and-drop website builder and a massive templates library.


Homestead provides services to design your own professional website without any designing skills. You can choose from a massive library of over 2000 templates and add content according to your needs. It has also been rewarded as one of the best website building tool by Forbes.




Weebly is also a free online utility to help you create basic or professional websites and blogs without any technical knowledge.


Webnode is a free ajax based website builder. Users can select design from a massive list of template designs.


DoodleKit is a free online website builder which enables you to create and manage your website’s content, upload photos, create a blog, create a paypal shopping cart, create forms, build forums and choose different layouts.


Webs is one of the best online website builder which enables to create a professional looking websites for your business or personal use in very simple steps.


Jimdo is an easy to use web tools which help users to create webpages, integrate pictures, add videos and texts, change the design with a click, add as many pages as you want and much



Using WebStarts, you can easily create a website using your own domain, hosting and design tools.


MoonFruit is another online web tool which enables you to create free websites without any professional skills.

350 Pages

With above tool, you can create a professional website within minutes. It provides drag and drop editor, professional designs, enables users to create an e-commerce websites with shopping carts and widgets, add photos, videos and much more.


With This tool, you can create a website with professional design in minutes. The tool provides user friendly CMS. With this tool, you can not only create your own free website but you can also create your own online store, business websites and much more.