Creating a single page website is a new trend which is becoming popular. Actually single page website are mostly used when you have a site that does not have a lot of content, or when you want all content on your site to be on the home page and have a navigation for jumping between different sections of the site. You can create single page website for personal website, promotional site or maybe you could use it just to showcase your portfolio.

If you are looking for single page website with navigation by anchors then Drupal is best option for you.  In our previous article, we have listed single page websites developed using Druapl.  Actually Drupal 7 supports Single Page module to create single page websites. This module provides the ability to display the content of all menu items of the main-menu on the Single Page Website module. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a single page website using Drupal.


Steps to create single page website :

1. Download and Install Module

You need “Single Page Website” module to create single page website. First download module from here. After download, install the module in directory “drupal/sites/all/modules/“. You also need to install its dependency “library” module.


2. Enabling Modules

After module install, Go to the admin panel and enable both (Single_Page_Website, library) installed modules.


3. Configure Single Page Website

Go to the “Configuration > System > Site information > Front page > Default front page” and set ‘single_page‘ as the front page of your site. Then click Save Configuration Button to save changes.

Then you have to click again on Configuration Menu Then click “Single Page Settings” and need to select themes (Bartik and Zen sub-themes) which support single page website module. Now the configuration is completed for single page website.


Then Select theme

Finally, you will have to follow Drupal basic steps to create content pages and add them to menus which will run as single page website just like below examples:

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