Social network sites provide great experienced with photo upload or album creation. For example, Facebook has multi featured image upload functionality with smooth progress bar, multiple file uploads,  photo quality, add  quality etc.  and photo crop with elegant design. With that in mind, I have collected some multi featured file upload plugins which provided smooth file upload with advance features like multiple file select and upload, upload progress bar, image crop, image upload cancel and delete, drag and drop with cross-browser compatibility.

Plupload JQuery Uploader

Currently Plupload is the most popular JQuery file uploader. It’s allows to upload files using HTML5, Flash, Gears, Silverlight and normal forms with some unique features such as file upload progress bar, chunked upload and image resizing.

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YUI Uploader

YUI Uploader is a multi featured cross browser file uploader which provides file upload functionality with multiple file selection, upload progress, upload completion etc.

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Fine Uploader

This is user-friendly jQuery file uploader which ruuns on IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IOS6, and Android. It featured with multi select, progress-bar  Drag-and-drop, Upload cancellable and ability to auto-retry failed uploads.

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FancyUpload provides powerful and elegant uploads with multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It’s very easy manageable with CSS and XHTML and also uses MooTools.

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Uploadify is a smart file upload solution which runs smoothly with HTML5 and Flash. It’s fully customizable, manageable and runs on all major browsers.

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