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Can anyone remember what we did before WYSIWYG software came along? One thing’s for sure, your average, unskilled blogger wouldn’t be able to create fantastic looking web templates in minutes, even if he was an expert programmer and designer.

But thanks to Artisteer, all this and so much more is possible at the click of a mouse.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Artisteer is a piece of web design automation software that allows you to produce stunning web pages and even full websites, without even the slightest bit of knowledge about coding, html and all that other back-end technical stuff. I’ve been a web designer since 1998 and I’ve tried everything out there, this beats them all hands down.  In the freelance game, you need to be fast, and good and this enables both automatically but still allows you to add your own touch to each design and make each one 100% unique.

It’s a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) design program, but also creates fully functional, install ready templates for most of the leading content management software out there, which means amateur designers and even those of us who are completely unskilled in web page creation can construct exciting and eye-catching pages and skins from scratch in a matter of minutes.

You don’t need experience of intricate design packages like Illustrator, Photoshop or Dreamweaver. You can instantly start designing, editing your website, producing HTML coding and CSS automatically as you go, as well as putting together impressive WordPress skins, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke and Blogger templates and lots more.

And everything you create can be quickly and easily exported to use with Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and a range of other CMS products, you can even convert them from one template to another, so let’s say you are creating a website in Joomla! and the client wants a blog that matches the Joomla! website perfectly, no problem, all you do is export the same template as a WordPress blog and you have a perfect match.

This week, I took a look on the Artiseer website to see what the designers using this revolutionary template software are saying about it. One testimonial stood out above the others for me.

Graham Goater from Cambridge said:

“What can I say, other than “Absolutely brilliant!” I’ve spent way too long being distracted by HTML/CSS coding and, even then, only achieving half-decent sites. Artisteer has shifted my focus from presentation to content, simply because Artisteer does a far better job at the presentation side of things in a much shorter time than I could ever achieve.”

All the HTML and CSS is automated and conforms to web standards and you don’t need to worry about technical details like browser compatibility or image editing.
Build Custom Templates

There’s also a great library of backgrounds, photos and button graphics to select from, to give your web page or blog skin that professional, graphic design look, but I recommend using your favorite image editing software to make your own unique graphics, because they also allow you to add your own images, which means you can make the site 100% unique and build custom websites in no time.
Not Just for beginners

If you do have some web design experience, Artisteer is still a great tool for creating any type of template and they are constantly upgrading the software.  I truly believe that once this software is perfected it will be the most used in the industry, main reason is that it allows you to be fully creative but create your websites in a 10th of the time.  It’s far more than just a design editor, Artisteer produces a fully functional, and upload ready template in minutes, let’s see Dreamweaver do that.

Artisteer saves time, saves money and more importantly saves YOU the hassle of finding (and paying) a web designer to turn the ideas for your blog or website into reality.