Just a couple of minutes ago, I commented on my blogging colleague Ehsan’s Facebook status about one of his blog posts. The topic of catchy v.s. keyword-rich domain names arose, so I decided to write a blog post about it.

Without going into great detail, domain names are a big part of your website’s online presence. Your domain name is normally also the name of your website, so you want it to sound good, be easy to type and remember, and also have keywords that can be picked up by search engines. If your website is only about iPhone cases, having the words “cases” and “iPhone” in the domain is certainly helpful. If your domain name is www.PhoneBoss.com, I would think your website is about phones in general. Having something like www.iCases.com would certainly be better for both keywords and understanding.

Real-World Examples: Keywords

Take by buddy Ehsan’s domain name – www.GuideAndNews.com. His blog is very similar to mine, being about Internet marketing, blogging, and SEO. His domain name is certainly keyword-friendly for posts such as “WordPress Guide for Beginners”, but it’s awkward to say and somewhat hard to remember. Even still, he seems to be very successful with Guide And News, despite the domain name.

Facebook Comments

I recently started a blog under the domain name www.AquariumWatch.com. My main goal was to get a domain that was keyword-rich with the word “aquarium” included (for under $30). This will help me with Google search results, but I fear that people will be disappointed when they find out that they can’t watch live aquariums on my website.

Real-World Examples: Catchy

What used to be one of my favorite websites has one of the most catchy domain names out there. Engadget.com is a blog about cell phones, computers, the Internet, and general technology type items. Even though the word “gadget” is within the domain, I think of Engadget as more of a catchy domain name than a keyword-rich one. I no longer read their blog (I feel that they went downhill with their posts), but I will always remember the name.

If you are into buying and selling domain names and websites, I’m sure you’ve heard of Flippa. Flippa.com is a website that you can buy and sell (i.e. “flip”) websites to make a profit. Their domain name has nearly no keyword value, but it’s fun to say, easy to remember, and a cool marketing tool. I say that Flippa’s domain has no keyword value because the word “flip” can mean flipping a house, doing a back flip, or talking about the shoes flip flops.


In my opinion, domain names for blogs should be more keyword-oriented than catchy. The majority of people that find your blog are coming from search engines, so having a domain that plays nice with search engines will help you in the long run. That being said, having a domain like iPhoneAndAndroidAppReviews.com is way too long and hard to remember. Having a balance between catchy and keyword-rich will give you the perfect domain name.