Whenever you are trying to build up backlinks to your blog, posting comments on related blogs is always a simple way to do so. The problem with commenting on the average blog that uses WordPress comments, Disqus, or another commenting platform is that the links to your website are nofollow.

DoFollow Blog Directory

When Google crawls websites, they actually jump from website to website using hyperlinks. If they start crawling Omega Web and find that I link to IanEberle.com, then the Googlebot will jump over to IanEberle.com as well. When they get to IanEberle.com and find that I am linked to Omega Web and How To Make Lumpia, the Googlebot will come back to Omega Web and it will also go to How To Make Lumpia. The more your blog is linked to, the more the Googlebot will come across it. The more it comes across your website, the higher your rankings.

The only thing that stops this linking method is by using nofollow links. If a blogger puts a nofollow link in their blog post, the Googlebot will not jump over to that website, thus making it as if it was never linked to. As I said before, the default blog comments for WordPress use nofollow links, so commenting on hundreds of blogs won’t do you much good for SEO… Unless they are dofollow comments.

When a link is dofollow, it tells the Googlebot to follow it. Every link is dofollow until made nofollow, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything special when putting links on your blog. To enable readers to share dofollow links on your blog, you can install a WordPress plugin called CommentLuv. CommentLuv uses the URL that you put in the “Website” field and finds the last 10 posts made on that website. You can select the one you want to share and it will be made a dofollow link after the comment.

Although the idea sounds great, the problem is finding blogs that use CommentLuv and give out dofollow links. My blogs, Omega Web and Aquarium Watch, both use CommentLuv and both give out dofollow links in the comments. To find other blogs that allow dofollow links, I use a website directory called DoFollow.info. I know .info sites often sound spammy, but this website is legitimate.

If you run a blog that allows dofollow links, you can submit your blog to DoFollow.info. By submitting your blog to this directory, you will have an increased number of comments, more blog visitors, and a dofollow backlink from DoFollow.info, which is a PR 4 site (as of July 2012).