Following this morning’s post about blog topics teenagers can write about, I will now explain why it’s such a good idea to start blogging when you’re young. I started blogging in 2010, when I was 13 years old, and over the years, I have developed some great skills. Blogging has helped me with writing papers for school, make some extra cash, and build a stronger business mind. I’ve learned so much in just two years and I wish I could’ve started earlier.

Young Minds Are Creative

School Technology

One thing that you will notice about any kid is that they are extremely creative. When I was a little kid, I could entertain myself for hours by pushing Hess Trucks around the house. In fourth grade, I attempted to write a children’s book. In fifth grade, I created my first websites using Wikispaces and Blogger… I was always trying to create something and after time passed, I was actually starting to create things people cared about. If you look at other posts on Omega Web, I receive lots of comments on a daily basis posted by people from around the world thanking me for my website.

It doesn’t matter if you are a good writer, a good artist, or even have good computer skills, your mind is creative in some way. Be sure to question everything, learn as much as you can, and make your creative ideas come to life – it’ll get you somewhere.

You Have a Social Following

Unlike adults who have their family and maybe a couple of friends, most teenagers have a posse of friends at school and a couple hundred on Facebook and Twitter. If you start a blog and begin telling everyone about it, it’ll eventually become more popular. Use your school, social networks, and connections to build your audience. I know that if one of my friends started up a blog, I would read every post simply because my friend wrote it.

You Have Spare Time

Aside from school and homework, the rest of your day is completely empty. Sure, you may fill it with sports practice and church activities, but your required tasks include school and homework. This means that you have at least one or two hours a day to pour into your blog to make it the best you can, so take advantage of spare time while it’s available.

You Need Money

It doesn’t matter if your parents are going to buy you a car or not, you need money. Teenagers flock places like grocery stores and fast food joints to get a part-time job, but all you need to do is create a successful blog and you could be making a couple thousand dollars a year.

You’ll Be Getting a Head Start

If you want to become a news reporter or writer after school, blogging would be a great place to start. It’ll get you familiar with writing for an audience (instead of just your teacher) and you’ll learn concepts that you won’t learn anywhere else. Furthermore, if you decide you like blogging and want to make it a full-time job, it would be better to start when you’re 12 years old verses when you’re 18.

Image Source: New Orleans Tech