Outdated Website

As a web designer, finding clients is the hardest part of the job. Sometimes they will come to you and ask for a website to be made, but most of the time you have to go out and look for work. I’m a web designer myself working under IanEberle.com and I have recently discovered a new type of client. Lately I have noticed that many local (and not so local) businesses have some pretty crappy and outdated websites. The hardest part about gaining clients with outdated websites is that they may hold it dearly. Employees at the business may maintain the website themselves, they may be stuck with a certain web designer because they are a family member or co-worker, or they may not find their website outdated at all. Whatever the reason, it may take some convincing that they need to get it redone.

Here are some reasons that dealing with this type of client is worth your time:

  1. They are already established online. If you are dealing with a business that is somewhat unique in your area, you can be sure that they already have some established Google love. Searching for their business may bring their current website up as the first result, which means after some updated content and new SEO tactics, they will also be appearing under different keywords.
  2. They may be unhappy with their current webmaster. The best type of client to have when working on a redesign is one that is unhappy with their current webmaster. Maybe they are relying on them too heavily to make changes to the site, maybe they refuse to redesign the website, maybe the current company charges too much per month… Whatever the case, you are more likely to get your foot in the door of a company that is unhappy with their current web designer.
  3. They already have a domain name. The biggest hassle when designing a brand new website is having to come up with a domain name that is available. Most of the time the domain will not be available and you will have to end up purchasing one secondhand, which can get pricy. If they already have a decent domain name, this makes the process go a lot easier.
  4. The domain may have Page Rank. In addition to simply having a domain name, it may also have Google Page Rank. This helps because it will show up in Google right away, it already has authority, and if you want to place “Designed by …” at the bottom of the website, you are getting free PR 2, PR 3, or higher backlinks.
  5. They already have content. The last reason that redesigning a website is worth your time is that the website already has content. This means they already have information written up, images in place, and possibly a defined logo. This will also save a lot of time because you already know somewhat what you are working with.