As I am getting ready to depart to Pennsylvania for one month, I was thinking over the different things I do while I’m away to keep my blog updated. I simply drive from Florida to Pennsylvania twice a year to visit family, so it isn’t any type of business trip, but I do stay for quite some time and that means I need to be thinking about my blog.

Every traveling blogger worth his salt should Have a Good Laptop

Five Tips For The Traveling Blogger

The most important tool that every blogger needs is a computer. In addition to simply having a laptop, the battery should be able to hold a charge for at least two hours. Nothing is worse than using your laptop on the bus, subway, in the airport, or in McDonald’s and having the battery die after ten minutes. You can find many replacement batteries online that will extend your productivity time on your laptop.

I personally use a 13” MacBook Pro that can hold a charge for 4-5 hours depending on what I’m doing.

Use Your Smartphone’s Tethering Features

Most airports charge users to use their WiFi, so having a smartphone that can tether to your laptop is a must. Not only will your tethered smartphone work in the airport, but you can also use it while you are on a bus, in the subway, in restaurants, etc. An alternative to using your smartphone for tethering would be to buy a dedicated WiFi hotspot, but it’s cheaper to purchase a tethering plan from your carrier.

For smartphone tethering, I personally use FoxFi on my Galaxy Nexus. FoxFi is a free Android app that allows you to create a WiFi hotspot without a tethering plan from your carrier (I would not suggest using FoxFi unless you have unlimited data).

Use An AirPort Express In Your Hotel

If you stay at a hotel that doesn’t have WiFi, but they provide you with an Ethernet cable in your room, you can create a wireless network using an AirPort Express. Apple’s AirPort Express is designed for users who want to whip up a quick WiFi network instead of creating a permanent one in their home. Whenever you are leaving the hotel, unhook the Ethernet and power cable from the AirPort, and put it in your suitcase… It’s that simple.

If I ever encounter a hotel that doesn’t have WiFi and my family needs to access the Internet as well, I can use my MacBook Pro as a WiFi hotspot connected to the Ethernet cable. This is the same concept as the AirPort Express, but requires a capable computer.

Add People On Social Networks

If you are on a business trip and meet up with other bloggers, Internet marketers, or potential clients, add them on your favorite social networks. This allows you to have more clients in more places… If I create a website for a client in Pennsylvania, I have just opened a world of referrals from other local Pennsylvania businesses.

Have Fun

Many people who go on family vacations forget the meaning of the word vacation… If you’re going to Disney World, put your phone away, leave your laptop at the hotel, and enjoy your stay at Disney. When you get back to the hotel, then you can blog. Just don’t forget the reason you are going on vacation.

Image Source: Travelodge