Web design is a business that can make you a lot of money, unfortunately many new web designers have not been able to make the money they thought they would. This is attributed to multiple factors, with the main one being failure to use the right methods when it comes to finding clients. To help such individuals, the following are effective ways of getting web design leads and clients.

web-design2For any business to be successful, professionalism is important. The same applies to your web design business. You need to present a professional outlook whether it is your first client or even the hundredth or thousandth.

Other than just having your website to present your services, you also need to come up with an identity system of logos, business cards and even stationery that will represent your business. Remember, the more professional you are, the higher your chances of getting new clients.

Use Referrals
Another great way of landing new clients is by using your existing ones. Therefore, you need to keep your current customers very happy so that they can also refer you to their friends and even colleagues. Being professional and competent to your current clients will certainly get you the referrals. You can also remind your clients to get you referrals but in a subtle way. Sending them things like newsletters, postcards and thanks you notes can help you in getting the referrals.

Many web designers think that since their work is internet based, they only need to use the internet to market themselves. This school of thought may work to some extent, but it will certainly not get you many clients. You also need to turn to the old-fashioned means of advertisement such as flyers, business cards and local directories. You can also buy ads at the local theatre to try and reach as many people as possible.

Offer Bargains and Incentives
Special bargains and different kinds of incentives are proven ways of reaching a new clientele and market. Consequently, you have to think of promotions and ideas that will most likely bring in the new customers. You can try by offering a free website to anyone who brings in a given number of referrals. Remember to use social media for this message to reach many potential customers.

Think of Partnerships
Although you can succeed on your own, establishing a partnership with a business similar to yours but in a different niche can also help you land new customers. As a web designer, you should think of partnering with web hosting companies or even programmers to help you grow. You can also turn to your ISP to find out ways you can partner with them so that you can also market your services to their customers.

Get More Web Design Clients

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Buying leads is a great way to get started, as it helps you get used to dealing with clients, while you wait for your new website to start ranking.  However, even if your site is doing well and you have leads coming in, it’s always a good idea to have a second source of leads that are not reliant on Google rankings or other forms of advertising.

Our leads are pre-screened, and when I say lead I mean a real customer that is actually ready to buy.  We call or email each one to confirm that they want a quote.   We know how to screen out the tire kickers so our repeat customers are quite high.  Make sure whomever you buy leads from has leads coming in organically or use high quality methods of obtaining them.  If you want to sign up please go here: Web Design Leads Sign Up Form

There are very many ideas that can help you find your new web design customers. You just need to combine a couple of them, and you will get the results that you seek.