As we’re familiar with Facebook Groups and delicious communities, Recently Google also started a new feature – Google+ Communities is a platform where the people of similar interests can collaborate, talk, share their ideas and concept.

On Google+, users have the ability to manipulate their circles to control the groups of people and brands they receive information and content from, but there’s no guarantee those brands or users will circle you to receive your updates.


Talk about the stuff you’re into with people who love it too


This is where Google+ Communities come in, It built to bring people together around particular topics. The types of Communities available to the Google+ audience seem endless — ranging from web design, web development, science, animals, development and more.


Actually communities are places where users can share specific questions, comments or content relating to a particular topic with other users who are just as interested in the conversation. For example, if you’re a member of a web development community, it’s likely each post will contain something related to web development and web design. And if there is a user who is posting content unrelated to the chosen topic, a moderator could step in and stop that user.

Since its launch in December, Google Plus community hits more than 135 million monthly active Google+ users. It becomes the first place to promote products, brands etc. I have also maintain my Google Plus profile and Google Plus community as Web Design and Development and got a very positive response. Peoples started adding me into his circles. So if you’re not yet joined Google Plus community then its for you. Here I have listed few important steps to utilize Google+ community features to promote your brands etc.


Sharing content to a community


The main purpose of being a part of Google plus Community should not be increasing sales or traffic to your website, rather a medium to interact and have real conversations with people. Sharing content to a community is much like sharing to one of your circles. While you can post to your respective community directly from the community’s page, you can also post from basically anywhere on the platform. If you find a story you’d like to share with your community, but you’re not on Google+ at that time, use the +1 button from the story’s page and select your respective community.


Create or Join Public communities


You can create real-world of people like Cricket buddies, fellow classmates or your family. If you find yourself sharing regularly among the same group of people, communities are a fast and fun way to stay in touch more easily. No matter what you’re into, there are people on Google+ who share your interests. Search for public communities around the topics you’re passionate about and join the conversation. You’ll be learning new things and making friends in no time.


Get friends involved


Communities are even more fun with the right people. You can use the “Invite” button to bring specific friends into the conversation, or share the communities that you like publicly on Google+.

Keep up with communities 

You can also use the Google+ mobile app to share trip photos with other photographers, report live from a concert to other fans of the band, or just follow the latest community conversations. With notifications enabled, you’ll never miss a post.

What do you think?

Please let me know what you think about Google+ Communities. Have you created any community? What are some of the best communities according to you?